This is a great idea, but you would think we would already be doing this. Heck, we should have cameras in every room in mosques and 24/7 (government) security monitoring the activities there.

Finally, We are now seeing some sanity in the western world, reports Freedom Daily.

A former NYPD Lieutenant Darrin Porcher wisely suggests that a proper system of terrorism prevention should also include undercover officers inside mosques to infiltrate and monitor what they are up to. Nice to see common sense finally taking over our law enforcement community when it comes to the so-called “Religion of Peace” and its followers.

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If we are ever to stop this satanic religion, we will need to stop with the political correctness. And most everyone knows this fact, but sadly not many want to admit it. Because of the fear of being called a Racist, Bigot or Islamophobic, which isn’t even a real world but only a word invented by far left globalists to further their objective in turning the western world into an Islamic cesspool.

I’m sure the Anti-American organizations known as the American Civil Liberties Union and The Council on American-Islamic Relations will have something to say about all this. Because you know, we aren’t being fair to the “peace loving” Muslims. Both these organizations are all about making America look evil, but this is the farthest thing from the truth.

In 2001 we all saw 3000 of our fellow citizens die when the twin towers fell. Of course, we wanted to get whoever was responsible for this evil deed. But in a nation of close to 350 million souls, only one crazy person went out to seek revenge against the “Religion of Peace” disciples. This should tell everyone something about us Americans.