Watch this video from the 4:40 mark as Tucker Carlson interviews a black Muslim lesbian, an oxymoron if there ever was one, by the name of Blair Imani.

Imani insists that not only do Muslims have a right to a safe space where they can say whatever they want, but that everyone else should pay for it.

Rightly, Carlson challenges her, asking for examples of things Muslims can say in “safe spaces” that they cannot say anywhere they please under First Amendment protection.

On the face of it, Imani’s support for Muslim safe spaces sounds more like advocating secret spaces to radicalize moderate Muslims.

Carlson then challenges her identity black/Muslim/lesbian politics….

Tucker: “But don’t you also think that primarily you’re an American? Aren’t we all first and foremost Americans?”

Imani: “I’m black first.”

Tucker: “End of conversation. Thanks, Blair.”

Fade to black (pun intended).