Hilarious! Ted Nugent visits a Muslim bookstore….

Ted Nugent, describing his visit to a Muslim bookstore and his question for the clerk.

Ted the Nugent has some depressing news for Muslims. Allah doesn’t want you because you are cluelessly contaminated with pig parts!

By Thomas Madison No 72 virgins for you, Abdul! Ted Nugent has three pure loves – raging rock and roll, hunting, and America. The rebel Rock and Roller, avid hunter, and stone-cold patriot makes an interesting point. Muslims are going […]

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Ted Nugent slams the Trump-haters: “GIVE TRUMP THE MEDAL OF FREEDOM”

By Thomas Madison Donald Trump has caught the imagination of the American people like no political figure since Ronald Reagan. Unlike the empty suits on both sides of the aisle, whose every calculated word is the product of a slick […]

Ted Nugent’s simple solution to the Islamic extremist problem: “Kill ‘em all and let Satan sort them out. That’s my policy.”

From TED NUGENT, WND Though left-wing apologists, denial cultists and excuse-making whiners will most assuredly try to claim this following NugeBlog is an anti-Islam screed, it is not. It is purely and simply an anti-rabid dog common-sense Teditorial that will […]