H/T Renee H

A video has been going around of a Palestinian man pushing his 4-year old son towards Israeli border guards and encouraging them to kill the boy.

Beyond sad, and perfectly illustrates the Muslim mindset….

  1. No respect for life, not even their children’s lives. No love, just indifference towards their children, as though they are strangers on the street.
  2. Death is superior to life. Martyrdom is the most superior manner of death, and universally praised in the Muslim culture.
  3. No morals, just a burning desire to advance the Muslim agenda, be it by suicide bomb or sacrificing their children for a sensational headline.

All of the above are completely incompatible with civilized society. I don’t believe Muslim culture will EVER be compatible with western, civilized culture.

Watch as Benjamin Netanhayu relays his disgust and dismay over this video, which perfectly captures the problem with Islam and the problem that Israel, surrounded by Muslim countries, faces every day.