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Gag me with a spoon! California Catholic school removes 90% of its statues, including Mary and baby Jesus, to be more “inclusive”

The statues of San Domenico (sounds like a book, yes?) have been cherished by the community of San Anselmo, California for generations. Now, in the American rush to remove anything that may be offensive to any liberal weenie in any way, they are being systematically removed.

THIS is how f*cked up the world has become. Canadian baby is the world’s first to be designated genderless. It gets worse

An individual who refers to itself as “they” because they declare no gender, has recently become a parent and is fighting to have their baby, also referred to as “they,” designated as genderless. Confused yet?

VIDEO: Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR due to Muslim refugee invasion. National Police Chief: “HELP US, HELP US!”

Sweden is being torn to pieces by Muslim immigrants and refugees. Law enforcement is crying out for help, and it is only a question of time before the country will need military intervention from abroad.

VIDEO: Welcome back to 1939 Germany. Frau Merkel has 36 homes raided for anti-Islam hate speech

As the rest of the Western world watches Germany circle the drain at the hands of radical Islam, Frau Merkel, in true Hitlerian fashion, had 36 homes raided for anti-Islam hate speech.

Choosing suicide. Europe’s struggle with political correctness

Europe has two options – get its collective head out of its collective ass or die! It is that simple.

Black college students are demanding space of their own (read: segregation). Somewhere George Wallace is smiling

The pointy-headed liberal weenies in academia have created a monster, and they are hiding under their desks, lest said monster finds them and puts their pointy heads on pointy spikes.

Women across the country are cutting their Nordstrom cards in two and boycotting the store to protest its political decision to drop Ivanka’s clothing line

Americans have had enough of the anti-Trump hysteria liberal crybabies are foisting upon the majority of America, who are responding to the liberal stupidity in large numbers.

The Norwegian government vows it will permit no Swedes into its country if Sweden collapses under the weight of the Muslim invasion

Now Norway, which shares a 1,000-mile border with Sweden, has vowed that it will not allow Swedes into their country should Sweden be the first domino to fall.

GOP leaders and #NeverTrumpers: Let’s concede the election now

I’ll tell you what sickens me. Paul RINO sickens me, and all the other so-called Republicans who have finally found their opening and are piling on Donald Trump

Aussie contributor reinforces the GLOBAL need to elect Donald Trump President of the United States

After the presidential debate featuring nice guy network victim Donald Trump and smug corrupt criminal Hitlery Clinton, I said that “Trump needs to take the gloves off and take control of these spectacles.” He didn’t prevail in the primary by […]

Ben Carson is begging Donald Trump to stop calling Hitlery bad names. With all due respect, Ben, that is what got The Donald to this point

Ben is suggesting that The Donald stop being The Donald and quit call Hitlery names like “bigot.” Sorry, Ben, that is foolish.

Unvarnished and politically incorrect, as you would expect. Awesome interview with Clint Eastwood and son, Scott, on Trump, Hillary, and the pu$$y generation

Unvarnished and uncensored. Testosterone-charged and politically incorrect, just as you would expect an interview with Clint Eastwood to be.

VIDEO: Muslim invasion. This is not a fictional horror flick, folks. This is the real-life horror Europeans are living with every day now

By Thomas Madison The poor citizens of Europe are living a nightmare. The bleeding-heart liberals they have elected have opened the gates, and Islam is moving in. In the name of multiculturalism and political correctness Europe is being overrun. Because […]

Insanity! FBI now offering $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the prankster who put bacon on the door handles of a Vegas mosque

Well, it’s official. The leadership at the FBI has lost their marbles! Either that or they are marching to the orders of one Barack Hussein. Distinct probability. Powdered Wig reported on this event last week, when a prankster pulled a high-schoolish […]

What?! Las Vegas police are conducting a manhunt for a man who placed raw bacon on the doorknob of a mosque. What’s the charge?

By Thomas Madison You can get away with anything in Vegas. Illicit sex, gambling, prostitution, you name it! But the one horrific crime that will get the authorities riled up enough to conduct an exhaustive manhunt for the perpetrator is […]

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