Ivanka Trump slammed in tweet by HuffPo reporter for vacation photo with Confederate flag in background. Twitter users immediately slam back

The message from HuffPo being, of course, that the Trump family is nothing but a collection of evil racists and the Confederate flag in a family photo was a discreet message of solidarity to fellow white supremacists across the country.

Liberal Virginia governor outlaws Confederate flag license plates. 85% of those who were issued the plates refuse to turn them in

From Erin Kelly, WDTN SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – It is now illegal to drive with Virginia license plates featuring the Confederate flag, but some plan to defy the change in the Commonwealth. Kevin Collier of Suffolk is a commander of […]

King Hussein greeted with anti-Obama protest, organized by self-proclaimed “Black Rebel,” where locals proudly display Confederate flag

By Thomas Madison As Barack Hussein, with his royal motorcade, rolled into Oklahoma City on Wednesday, he was greeted with an anti-Obama protest and a large crowd of local residents flying the much-maligned Confederate battle flag. Organized by proud black […]

Petition underway in SC to remove African American monument in response to Confederate flag removal

From change.org The African American Monument on the South Carolina State House grounds was erected in 2001 as part of a bi-partisan compromise reached in 2000 to move the Confederate battle flag from the State House dome and place it […]

The House has voted to ban what they believe is the Confederate flag from national cemeteries. Wrong flag, folks! THIS is the real Confederate flag

Photo, above: The REAL Confederate flag, this particular banner captured by the Union Army at Columbia, South Carolina By Thomas Madison As the “Confederate flag” issue becomes sillier and more politically correct every day, I stare in amazement at those […]

Shown in this pic with another complete dumbass, Memphis mayor wants to dig up the bodies of Confederate general and his wife and move them

Photo above: Memphis Mayor AC Wharton, with another shining example of the Democrat party By Thomas Madison Memphis mayor AC Wharton is proposing digging up the bodies of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, and moving them from […]

Wow! Amazon forced by the federal government to remove Confederate flags for sale. I confirmed it myself in this live chat with Amazon

UPDATE: I had two more live chats with Amazon just to confirm that the information I had received in my first live chat (12 hours earlier) was correct. The transcripts of those conversations follow the first live chat transcript, below. In […]

VIDEO: Wal Mart refuses to make a Confederate flag cake for a customer, but gladly makes him an ISIS flag cake instead

By Thomas Madison Sorry, you foul southern racist redneck scumbag! No Confederate cake for you. Here, enjoy a fine ISIS cake instead. H/T NewzVidz

South Carolina threatens to secede if Confederate flag is removed. The petition for secession has gotten over 115,000 signatures in just hours

By Thomas Madison The people of South Carolina are fit to be tied over the Confederate flag issue. No doubt Governor Nikki Haley has opened a Pandora’s box that I’m sure she regrets. If this is such an important issue […]