Gag me with a spoon! California Catholic school removes 90% of its statues, including Mary and baby Jesus, to be more “inclusive”

The statues of San Domenico (sounds like a book, yes?) have been cherished by the community of San Anselmo, California for generations. Now, in the American rush to remove anything that may be offensive to any liberal weenie in any way, they are being systematically removed.

Shameful! Virginia high school is awarding AP and Honors class admission based upon skin color, not ability, grades, or intelligence

A Virginia high school sent a disturbing letter to parents and students announcing they would be selecting students for Advanced Placement and honors classes at least partly based on skin color.

THIS is how f*cked up the world has become. Canadian baby is the world’s first to be designated genderless. It gets worse

An individual who refers to itself as “they” because they declare no gender, has recently become a parent and is fighting to have their baby, also referred to as “they,” designated as genderless. Confused yet?

Black college students are demanding space of their own (read: segregation). Somewhere George Wallace is smiling

The pointy-headed liberal weenies in academia have created a monster, and they are hiding under their desks, lest said monster finds them and puts their pointy heads on pointy spikes.

Insanity! FBI now offering $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the prankster who put bacon on the door handles of a Vegas mosque

Well, it’s official. The leadership at the FBI has lost their marbles! Either that or they are marching to the orders of one Barack Hussein. Distinct probability. Powdered Wig reported on this event last week, when a prankster pulled a high-schoolish […]

Wal-Mart tells senior vet and greeter that he can’t wear his military cap, yet a Muslim employee is allowed to wear her traditional headdress

By Thomas Madison Absolutely sickening! This incredible story comes from Lee Young, owner of Hitman Firearms in Utica, Ohio. He was outraged recently over two separate incidents he witnessed at a local Wal-Mart. In the first instance, Lee described an […]

OORAH! From Powdered Wig contributor, Rod Eccles: One Georgia sheriff’s war on political correctness. I see the influence of Donald Trump here

You will NEVER guess what one Sheriff has done To Combat Political Correctness!! By Rod Eccles The age of Political Correctness is coming to an end. At least that is what the vast majority of Americans and even Europeans are […]

The PC difference between Dyllan Roof, the Charleston mass murderer, and Muhammad Abdulazeez, the Chattanooga mass murderer

Liberal Lesson #1,723   1. The mass murderer on the left represents an entire race   2. The mass murderer on the right is a lone wolf   3. Repeat 1. and 2. until fully indoctrinated  

Isreal is omitted from Middle East map by PC Harper-Collins, ostensibly to appease Muslims

Israel is omitted from the map in Middle East atlases HarperCollins says including Israel in atlas would have been ‘unacceptable’ to their customers in the Gulf From i24 News The HarperCollins publishing house has omitted Israel from maps in the […]

Plumb crazy! Brits on their knees to Islam. 19-year old arrested for burning a Qur’an

Sharia UK: 19-year-old arrested for video showing him burning Qur’an By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch Would this teenager have been arrested for burning the Bible? Of course not. But the Cameron government is desperate to appease Islamic supremacists — apparently […]