The media is abuzz with Marco Rubio’s awkward attempted hug of Ivanka Trump. Rubio played along brilliantly in this twitterfest

Rubio, in self-deprecating fashion, played along with a string of hilarious tweets. However, Ivanka’s reply tweets are gems, poking the “fake news” mainstream media in the eye.

Radio show host Larry Elder slams Trump-haters, defends Trump family

President Trump could find a cure for cancer and his haters would say, “Oh, great! Way to go, moron. Did you ever stop to think of how many doctors and nurses are going to be unemployed?

BOOM! More than one way to skin a skunk. Retailers ditching Ivanka Trump’s perfume has shot it to the top of Amazon’s best sellers list

We the People have flipped another bird to the Trump-haters. Several retailers, ostensibly under pressure from poor little butt hurt Snowflakes, have dumped Ivanka Trump’s fragrance and fashion lines.

Women across the country are cutting their Nordstrom cards in two and boycotting the store to protest its political decision to drop Ivanka’s clothing line

Americans have had enough of the anti-Trump hysteria liberal crybabies are foisting upon the majority of America, who are responding to the liberal stupidity in large numbers.

Ivanka Trump and her children are berated by gay passenger on a commercial flight before being removed. “Your father is ruining the country!”

Completely out of control, the man was removed from the flight. Naturally, he invoked his First Amendment rights, screaming, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?!!”