After the presidential debate featuring nice guy network victim Donald Trump and smug corrupt criminal Hitlery Clinton, I said that “Trump needs to take the gloves off and take control of these spectacles.” He didn’t prevail in the primary by being Mr. Nice Guy and it isn’t going to happen in the general election.

The Trump movement is not only a national movement, but a global movement. Every liberty-loving nation on the planet is watching and cheering The Donald on. We ALL need Donald Trump in the White House and leading the free world away from the politically correct nonsense of the past 50 years, away from radical Islam, which has found its champion in the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, away from the inherent stupidity and unchecked growth of the voracious beast we call our federal government.

Validating those opinions is this letter I received from Powdered Wig reader Graham from Melbourne, Australia, who also wants to see the Donald Trump who skewered opponents in the primary show up against the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.

It is very uncharacteristic of Donald Trump to take the politically correct high road and allow a system already stacked against him and We the People (the Democrat Party and their official communications department, the mainstream media) to run roughshod over him and the American people without responding in kind.

I encourage Donald Trump to attack Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in the next debate like the Pit Bull we know he is. It is that street fighter mentality that appealed to most of his followers from the beginning. THAT is the kind of man we need in the White House. His proven ability to build prosperity is just a bonus.

To All the Trump Train Campaign.

 Well done so far, even with a biased, pro Hillary debate host or convener. Great job, presidential, certainly met the plausible challenge. 
Can The Donald fight for America though? In these times, under these circumstances, the President is going to have to be hard. Hard decisions for hard times.
Hillary’s threat to have moron billionaire Mark Cuban front and centre of the debate was brilliantly met with The Donald’s Gennifer Flowers response.
What a way to raise an issue in response. In chess, always, if possible respond with attack. Keep the opponent on the back foot. 
The comments about Chelsea being in the crowd, front row, telegraphed a weakness to attack and I suspect the crooked Clintons will have Chelsea front and centre at each debate as a result.
America First Donald. You might have to say, I love you Chelsea, but this is America First and I’m sure you won’t be surprised by what I’m going to say, because you not only know all this, and in many ways you are involved.
This election is above personalities and personal gain. This election is about the Rule of Law, corruption, treason, and so on.
Next debate, ensure as many Benghazi Mum’s and Dad’s are present.
Next debate, ensure as many of Bill Clinton’s rape victims and sex partners who Hillary victimised appallingly are present.
Next debate, ensure the Haitian President is present.
Next debate, ensure Tim Fitton  of Judicial Watch is present.
Next debate, ensure Alex Jones is present.
Next debate, ensure Peter Schweitzer of Clinton Cash fame is present
Next debate, ensure Matt Drudge is present.
Next debate, ensure Michael Savage is present.
Next debate, ensure Trey Goudy is present.
Next debate, ensure Gary Byrne is presnt
When confronted by these people who’ve made your rise possible, you can easily apologise to Chelsea at the outset and then go ahead and demolish the Clinton platform as built on corruption, theft, murder, rape, victimisation, scandal upon scandal, treason, incompetence….. the list goes on and on.
If a host ‘fact checks you, refer them to the experts in the audience by name, and website, ask them to briefly comment. 
Or suggest the audience buy their book or go to their website. Perhaps have the books under the lectern as props you can pull up and advertise.

We are in this too!