WTF!? Little Al getting down

The Reverend Al Sharpton channeling his inner James Brown and tripping the light fantastic. Or maybe just tripping.

Sharpton says he is leaving the country if Trump is elected. Wow! The Donald isn’t even in office yet and already doing great things!

By Thomas Madison LOL! Little Al Sharpton claims he is reserving his ticket to “get out of here” if Trump wins, “only because he’d probably have me deported anyway.” I wonder if Little Al’s travel plans have anything to do with […]

Ready for another heaping dose of white guilt? Al Sharpton is demanding all Confederate references be removed from military bases

By Thomas Madison Was there any question that the Pandora’s box that Nikki Haley opened was going to be a never-ending grievancefest from the likes of race-baiting scumbag Al Sharpton? No! There was never a question, not from anyone with […]

You may have noticed that the typically inciteful racist, Al Sharpton, has behaved quite well in Charleston. This is why

By Thomas Madison Little Al Sharpton learned a valuable lesson when he went to Charleston in April to do what he does best, incite a race riot over the death of a black man, Walter Scott, at the hands of […]

Al Sharpton wants to lower the threshold for whites defending themselves against blacks, in effect denying self defense for whites

By Thomas Madison Little Al Sharpton advocates enacting a federal law replacing or weakening existing legislation that rightfully permits whites to defend themselves against black assailants. Either that or you can mail your bank debit card to Little Al, with […]

Looking for a new market (gays), master baiter Al Sharpton claims that “religious freedom” is the same as slavery

By Thomas Madison The world has finally and clearly recognized Little Al Sharpton as the race-baiting, racist parasite that he is, who has made a fortune (such a fortune that he still owes over $4 million in unpaid federal income […]

Sayonara, Little Al, you sawed-off piece of racist trash! MSNBC gives Sharpton the axe! Ratings in the toilet.

By Dean James AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS –  Well it seems Americas highest paid racist Al Sharpton is getting the boot from MSNBC! Yes, Al’s ratings are tanking so he will be just a fond memory for the leftist morons that […]

Here’s something about the Academy Awards racist Al Sharpton was apparently unaware of. The President of the Academy is BLACK!

By Thomas Madison Little Al Sharpton has been foaming at the mouth and strutting up to any microphone he can find to condemn the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their obvious (to the Master Baiter and other […]

LOL! Master Baiter, Al Sharpton, irate that only one Oscar nomination for blacks. Calling emergency meeting of his Shakedown Team, I mean Diversity Task Force

By Thomas Madison “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets,” claims Little Al Sharpton, race baiter supreme, hereinafter referred to as the Master Baiter. So irate is the Master Baiter at […]

Sharpton, where are you? Unarmed White Man Killed by Alabama Police. No Protests, No Riots, No National Media

As posted by Kristinn Taylor on The Gateway Pundit Police in the small Alabama town of Dothan shot and killed an unarmed white man Tuesday who resisted arrest after refusing to show ID when turning in a stray animal to an […]

Hey, Sharpton, where are you, you racist scumbag?! Black thug kills white girl “for the fun of it”

From Conservative Tribune, via Clash Daily Sharpton and Jackson won’t be inciting protesters and rioters for this one, will they? You won’t hear about the case of 17-year-old Ashley Marie Scott, a Lansing, Ill., resident who was violently murdered by […]

‘Mad White Man’ delivers brutal honesty on the disease that is race pimp Little Al Sharpton

THOUGHTS ON SHARPTON: Diary of a Mad White Man By Pete Parker, Clash Daily Allow me to wax brutally honest: Al Sharpton is the most vile and treacherous viper that has ever slithered across the political landscape. He is an […]