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Maricopa County Sheriff is releasing 40 criminal illegal immigrants a day back onto the street, violating federal law

Paul Penzone, Joe Arpaio’s replacement as Maricopa County Sheriff, is releasing an average of 40 criminal illegal immigrants a day onto the street, refusing to notify ICE so that they can be deported.

A bill making its way through the Texas legislature will punish sanctuary cities and campuses that refuse to obey federal immigration law. Alabama has already passed such a bill

Governor Greg Abbott has already promised that he would “cut funding for any state campus if it established sanctuary status.”

ICE nets 41 more arrests of illegal immigrants in NYC. 38 have criminal records and are marked for deportation

And the hits keep coming! ICE arrested 41 more illegal immigrants, 38 of which have criminal records, in New York City. All are marked for deportation.

VIDEO: President Trump’s first illegal immigrant sweep nets hundreds of criminal illegals

Are you people listening to yourselves? If you are an “undocumented immigrant,” you are not “law abiding.” If you are a legal immigrant, you have nothing to worry about. Why is this so difficult to understand?

VIDEO: Not everyone in Europe is taking the Muslim invasion lying down. Check out these Hungarian bounty hunters who are rounding them up

When the targets are captured, they are wrestled to the ground and their hands bound as the patrol members, in camouflage clothing, stand menacingly over them.

VIDEO: ICE raids across US net hundreds of arrests, protesters go crazy, even though the same ICE raids happened under Obama

The raids conducted were routine and the same type of ICE raids that occurred under previous administrations. But why ruin a good “Trump is a Nazi” party with facts, right?

VIDEO: CA Senator admits half of his family is in the US illegally, but since they work and pay taxes, it’s OK. Plus hilarious bonus video of him describing a “Ghost gun”

His justification for his family’s illegality? They “work hard and pay taxes.” Sorry, dude, working hard and paying taxes does not justify violating the law. Try stealing a car and see if that excuse works in court.

VIDEO: Pre-election surge of illegal aliens. Smugglers have put word on the street to enter now, as Trump’s wall is about to be built. 1,000 a day are being apprehended

Smugglers in Mexico and Central America are spreading the word on the street that if you want to get into the United States you had better do it NOW as Trump’s wall is going up.

VIDEO: This is rich! Latino activist who has been slamming Trump for calling immigrants rapists has been charged with…. wait for it…. RAPE!

Yapias has now found himself in serious and felonious hot water involving a criminal charge of, you guessed it, rape.

Under a secret Obama pact hordes of African immigrants are piling up in Tijuana, Mexico awaiting entry into the US

Yeah, that’s what America needs, a good shot of Ebola to accompany our many other Hussein-induced miseries!

Ten facts that make the cost of illegal immigration clear

Decades ago a Mexican politician promised that Mexico will not conquer America from the outside, but through immigration.

The Barack Hussein administration has written and published a super cool guide for illegal aliens to avoid arrest and deportation. How thoughtful!

DHS explains how these “sensitive locations” enjoy enhanced protection from law enforcement…. “Enforcement actions may occur at sensitive locations in limited circumstances, but will generally be avoided.

VIDEO: Congressman Jason Chaffetz discusses, with rightful indignation, the Obama release of criminal aliens into the US

Jason Chaffetz, discusses the incomprehensible release of illegal aliens convicted of serious crimes in the United States by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.

WARNING! If you have high blood pressure, don’t read this. Barack Hussein pays illegal alien welfare recipients A LOT more than Americans

The average Illegal immigrant household in America receives MUCH more in welfare payments than the average American citizen household. Sickening!

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