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Record cost of illegal immigration in 2017 was $116 billion. The border walls will cost $20 billion. Heck, you do the math

The Democrat Party is trying with all its might, which isn’t much, to shove illegal immigration down the throats of Mom and Pop America because it means new voters for Democrats, who know full well that if they want to win another national election, they must support and encourage illegal immigration.

President Trump is not messing around. Four high-profile illegal immigrant activists have been deported or detained pending deportation

It was all fun and games under previous administrations that would allow the American people to be slapped in the face by criminal aliens, with no fear of deportation and eager to flaunt their illegal immigrant status in the faces of Mom and Pop America. Now there is a new sheriff in town

Remember the number, 800,000, that Dems have been pounding in the media as the number of Dreamers in the US? The real number is 3.6 million!

Make no mistake, the Democrats have been fighting so hard to grant citizenship to 3.6 million illegal immigrants because they know that they would vote predominately Democrat. They could give a doodly about the Dreamers, but they MUST have those votes!

VIDEO: Deported twice, illegal immigrant who killed two cops is finally on trial. “Only thing that I f**king regret is that I f**king just killed two”

“I don’t f**king regret that sh*t,” Bracamontes declared while grinning broadly. “Only thing that I f**king regret is that I f**king just killed two. I wish I f**king killed more of those motherf**kers. I will break out soon, and I will kill more. Whoever f**king gets in front of me, just like that. There’s no need for a f**king trial.”

New CA state law prosecutes employers who cooperate with ICE, DHS. Jerry Brown signed it, violating his oath and should be arrested immediately

Employers who cooperate with federal authorities in regard to apprehending illegal aliens will be arrested and punished by the state of California, according to two new state laws.

Here’s a switch. Canadian illegal immigrant (white male) arrested in Texas, awaiting deportation. Hey, liberal weenies, deportation is racism, eh?

Bob and Doug McKenzie, crack reporters for Great White North TV, Canada’s favorite daytime TV talk show, are following this story and will have a full update tomorrow.

Department of Homeland Security is planning to arrest sanctuary city leaders for violating federal law

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen plans to prove it by arresting the leaders of sanctuary cities for not complying (violating) federal law. Kirstjen confirmed Tuesday that she has asked federal prosecutors to lodge criminal charges against the leaders of sanctuary cities.

ICE raids nearly 100 7-11s across 17 states, arresting 21 people in a crackdown on the hiring of illegal immigrants

The ICE operation, across 17 states, is one of the largest illegal immigration crackdowns against an employer since President Trump was elected. Hiring records were audited, the aim being to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Israel is paying illegal immigrants three years’ wages and a free airline ticket to go home. Terrible idea!

If I were a destitute African peasant in Eritrea, where the average monthly wage is $95, I would be all over Israel’s offer to give me a free $3,500, free to anyone who sneaks into the country.

Video and photo gallery of signs an artist has been adding to CA welcome signs. If the signs weren’t so sad and true, they would be hilarious!

Case in point, the deplorable work of a deplorable California sign artist who travels around the state adding his own addendum to state and local welcome signs. If the sign artist’s work wasn’t so sad and true, it would be funny.

New report from DOJ and Homeland Security. A shocking 92% of all foreigners in federal prisons are illegal immigrants!

In a shocking new report published Thursday by DOJ and Homeland Security,  the Trump administration shows that 92 percent of foreigners in US federal prisons are in the United States illegally. That figure represents one in five prisoners overall.

Europe’s pending suicide. EU leader: “We cannot and will never be able to stop migration.” This defeatist should be ridden out of Europe on a pole

THIS is why Europeans are catching on that the European Union is not good for Europe. Everything the EU does punishes native Europeans, rewards illegal immigrants, and destroys the national identity of Europe’s culturally-rich countries.

Liberals are winning! No doubt emboldened by President Trump’s difficulty getting his immigration policy passed, illegal immigration is back at Obama levels

Beating border wall construction and encouraged by the daily fight liberals are waging against President Trump on their behalf, illegal immigrants are sneaking across America’s southern border again in large, Barack Hussein-level numbers.

VIDEO: Deported 20 times, illegal laughs when sentenced for sodomy and kidnapping in sanctuary state Oregon. Tells victims’ relatives, “See all you guys in hell”

“Let them all in,” they said. “It will be great, they said.” A Mexican man who was deported from the US 20 times has been convicted of 10 counts including sexual assault in Oregon.

VIDEO: If you want to get away with murder in America, become a Mexican citizen. Kate Steinle’s illegal immigrant murderer found NOT GUILTY!

Kate Steinle’s illegal immigrant murderer, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who had been deported from the United States five times and committed seven felonies while in our country has been found not guilty of Steinle’s death, a true travesty of justice if there ever was one.

Illegal immigrant goes on highway shooting rampage in Texas, wounding 4, including a 7-year-old girl in critical condition. Claims he was drunk

An illegal immigrant with an assault rifle went on a shooting rampage in Austin, Texas over the weekend, injuring four people, including critically wounding a 7-year-old girl in the head. The illegal, who has an outstanding ICE detainer, claims that he was drunk.

ICE confirms that deadly CA fires were set by illegal alien arrested & released 5 times by sanctuary city cops, ignoring ICE detainer requests each time

ICE submitted detainer requests to arrest and deport the individual, Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, all five times. All five times the detainer requests were ignored by local police, Gonzalez being released to set more fires and kill more people without so much as a phone call to ICE to honor its detainer requests.

Dreamer college student brags that she is illegal and no one can do anything about it. So a fellow student turns her in to ICE. He was expelled. Not kidding!

THIS is incredible! Illegal immigrant Paola Garcia is a senior at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. She has been boasting that she is “undocumented, unapologetic and unafraid.” In other words, “I ain’t afraid of being deported. You can’t touch me!”

VIDEO: Awesome! Tucker Carlson shuts down illegal immigrant Dreamer. “Why do you have a right to demand anything?”

Watch this brain-dead Dreamer (read: illegal immigrant) try to convince Tucker Carlson that not only do he and the 800,000 other Dreamers have rights in this country, but so do the 11 million illegals (estimated number, which is more likely between 20 million and 30 million) who brought them across the border ILLEGALLY. 

VIDEO: Undocumented “Dreamers” take over Nancy Batsh!t Crazy Pelosi’s news conference, irate that she is playing nice with President Trump

The Dreamers are only hurting themselves. Alienating Pelosi is not going to pay off, and if they believe that President Trump is intimidated by their antics, they have not been paying attention.

Illegal immigration has doubled in the past four months. There is only one solution!

This can be blamed entirely on the Democrat and Rino obstructionists in Congress and elsewhere who have blocked President Trump’s efforts to curb illegal immigration. One thing is certain, a secure border wall will prevent most of the illicit flow.

VIDEO: Former DHS chief Jeh Johnson believes President Trump’s mean rhetoric has cut illegal immigration. Wrong, Jeh! POLICY, not rhetoric.

Johnson claimed that President Trump’s “rhetoric” has made illegal immigrant wannabes stay home. No, Jeh. “POLICY!” That is what changed. POLICY! Not rhetoric.

Rasmussen poll: Despite Democrat lies, Americans overwhelmingly approve of Kate’s Law and law punishing sanctuary cities

While Democrats were screaming that Americans were against Kate’s Law and the bill punishing sanctuary cities, a poll was conducted, and as expected, the Democrats were wrong. VERY wrong!

Obama’s dreamers! Illegal alien tazes, scalds and rapes a Georgia mom in front of her children

THIS is the kind of trash Barack Hussein let into our country and the Democrats are fighting tooth and claw to keep here.

House passes Kate’s Law and anti-sanctuary city law, which now move to the Senate

Two dozen Democrats voted with Republicans Thursday to pass Kate’s Law, which will now move to the Senate.

DHS Secretary Kelly says members of Congress have threatened him for enforcing immigration laws

Secretary Kelly needs to name names, then these filthy career parasites should be arrested, charged, and impeached for abuse of power.

Illegal border crossings increased 27% in May. Why? Take our poll

May saw an increase in illegal border crossings. The question is why?

VIDEO: Wild West Texas! Illegals at Capitol protest sanctuary city ban. GOP rep calls ICE, gets assaulted by Dem rep. GOP rep vows to “put a bullet in his head”

As a Texan who has lived all over the world, I can affirm that Texans do things a bit differently than folks in other parts of the country. Case in point: While members of most state legislatures resolve disputes over […]

BOOM! The Trump Effect! Illegal border crossings are no longer #1 source of illegal immigration, moving to second place. Rapid turnaround!

Illegal border crossings have dropped so significantly since President Trump’s election that they are no longer the number one illegal immigration problem. Rather, it is visa overstays.

BOOM! The Trump effect. Biggest ICE gang raid ever. 1,378 arrests, 21 murder charges

ICE conducted its biggest raid in US history a few days ago, netting nearly 1,400 arrests, over 1,000 of those being gang members.