Mexican authorities made a show of force Thursday as two jetliners filled with riot police and Federales confronted the 4,000-migrant caravan at the Mexico-Guatemala border.

The leader and organizer of the caravan, Irineo Mujica, was arrested by Mexican police and forced into a van (third video, below).

Mujica, a dual citizen of both Mexico and the United States, also led the 1,200-migrant caravan that made its way from Central America to the US-Mexican border in April. Three-hundred migrants from that caravan crossed the border into the US seeking asylum.

Obviously, Mujica is not leading these caravans for the exercise. There is video (below) of migrants being handed cash as they prepare to begin the journey.

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In Mexican custody, where there are no issues with waterboarding or other “enhanced interrogation techniques,” it is possible that Mujica will reveal the funding source for the caravans. I’m guessing the money trail leads to Soros.

Although Thursday’s show of force by Mexican and Guatemalan authorities prevented the caravan from crossing the border en masse, many rafted or even walked across the river separating the two countries.

According to Prensa Libre, Mexican authorities made it clear “on Wednesday to the members of the caravan of Honduran migrants that if they enter the national territory ‘irregularly’ may be arrested and returned to their country of origin.”

Then, a very confusing message was reported to have come from Mexican Minister of the Interior Alfonso Navarrete, who reportedly declared that it was his goal “to guarantee order and respect for the human rights of foreigners.

The purpose, he said, is not to stop the advance of the so-called ‘Migrant Walk’ that started last Saturday in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, but to guarantee order.”

There was no order as the 4,000-migrant army overwhelmed the border fence, breaking it down Saturday and hurrying across the border into Mexico, determined to make it to the US border.

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The caravan, overwhelming Mexican police….

Sources: Prensa Libre and Daily Mail