Like all liberal weenies, Hollyweird elites believe the world revolves around them and they are not subject to the same laws that govern the conduct of the rest of us. They view the world through a lens of entitlement. They are incapable of common sense.

Case in point: Peter Fonda, who has been reported to the Secret Service by First Lady Melania Trump for openly threatening the First Family, especially 12-year-old Barron who Fonda says should be ripped “from his mother’s arms and put in a cage with pedophiles.”

Fonda’s tirade then got worse.

Then, the brother of the most repugnant traitor since the Rosenbergs tried to cover his ass by telling his followers to be sure that they made their rebellious treason look “spontaneous” so as to leave no trail to him, which is laughable¬†as I pointed out to him that his inciteful tweet and “seditious conspiracy” is now recorded for posterity and will certainly not absolve him of his leading role in the conspiracy, but rather, prove it.

Like I said, Hollyweird elites are incapable of common sense. Somehow, Fondle believes that only his mouthbreathing followers can see his tweets. Yes, he is apparently THAT stupid!

Other patriots were as outraged as I was by scumbag Fonda’s threats against the First Family…. and a child, for Heaven’s sake.

Unfortunately, there were many who offered opinions in agreement with the bleeding heart leftists, one from an unexpected, though not totally unpredictable, position….