Fake news alert!

So, ABC first poisoned the airwaves with the news that candidate Trump ordered Mike Flynn to speak to the Russians, which was completely false. It was “President-elect” Trump (big difference) who issued the order. There is absolutely nothing improper with a President-elect issuing such a directive.

ABC’s scoop was reported by news outlets across the country and around the world. The stock market nosedived as a result.

Then, to make matters much worse, ABC waited until the black hole of weekly news, Friday night, when the fewest possible people are watching or listening, to correct their stunning violation, even though they obviously knew about their false reporting hours earlier.

It is my guess that ABC knew their report was false BEFORE they blasted it across the airwaves, and they intentionally waited until Friday night to correct it, knowing that no one would be listening and that media outlets who repeated their fake news would likewise reach the fewest viewers.

In a perfect world, the FCC would fine ABC a billion dollars for this monumental violation of journalistic ethics, which should eventually put a stop to the mainstream media fake news, all aimed at damaging the Trump presidency. While the President does not control the FCC, it is a part of the executive branch, and if it has any oversight responsibility at all, then it must deal with this.

When intentional fake news from the mainstream media causes the stock market to tank, a corrective response is required, lest they destroy the nation’s economy. Fine ABC into bankruptcy!

From Mediaite

ABC News’ major report on Michael Flynn and President Trump‘s direction on reaching out to the Russians has been corrected. Hours later. And Twitter is ripping the network over it.

Per multiple reports earlier, Brian Ross‘ report that Flynn is expected to testify Trump directed him to meet with Russians “as a candidate” was followed minutes later by a drop in the stock market.

But as Ross clarified on World News Tonight (video here), it was as President-elect, not as a candidate, and that is kind of a major difference.

ABC News also tweeted out a clarification and deleted its earlier tweet:

Twitter pretty much flipped out over the major correction: