I have to wonder if Project Veritas’ American Pravda video series, exposing CNN as the true Queen of Fake News, will have any effect on the first cable news network.

On the one hand, I believe that no one could remain loyal to a television news network that has been exposed as an organization that will lie right to the faces of its viewers for the sake of ratings. How is CNN to be taken seriously from now on?

Then, on the other hand, I consider the IQ of those who have remained loyal to the fake news network and figure that if they weren’t bright enough to recognize weeks ago that CNN was pushing a fake story, then they are not bright enough to realize it even after it is proven. Like Gabriel Kahn in an article Powdered Wig published this morning, they will likely condemn James O’Keefe for using a hidden camera to get to the truth, ignoring the truth itself, like all the morons who continued to deny that Slick Willie had “sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” even AFTER DNA evidence proved it. Some people!