Mainstream television news is crap. We all know that. They exaggerate, they twist, they report out of context, they outright lie to make whatever it is they are reporting appear to be a life or death crisis…. all for money.

The formula is simple. Crisis means more viewers, more viewers means higher ratings, higher ratings means more advertising moolah.

So, EVERYTHING the dishonest brokers in the mainstream media report must be propagandized as a life-threatening crisis.

In the following video, Mike Seidel, reporting for The Weather Channel, was doing his very best acting and sales job, pretending to struggle to stay on his feet during Hurricane Florence recently.

But, alas, his Emmy-caliber performance was spoiled by two teenaged boys in shorts and sneakers who casually walk through the shot behind him. Too funny!

I just noticed this. Not only is this guy a fraud, he is also a complete moron. Look at the direction debris is blowing down the street and the plants under the sign behind him. He has a tailwind at his back, yet he is leaning forward to make it appear as though he is facing into a fierce headwind. How stupid can this guy be?