This is absolutely mind-blowing to me!

Watch as Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith ambush the Trump family in this amazing hatefest that makes me wonder if either of them is sane.

Smith laments that the Trumps are guilty of “lie after lie after lie.”

Really, Shep? Name one.

Likewise, Wallace declares that the Trumps are guilty of at least “attempted collusion.”

“Attempted collusion?” With a total stranger who happens to be of Russian descent? Collusion to do what, Chris? Admit it, you are a hopeless moron!

Wallace whines that Don Trump, Jr. lied about the purpose of the meeting, claiming that it was about adoption. It WAS about adoption, Chris. The whole Hitlery lie was bait. Are you not bright enough to see that? Once Junior was baited and the trap was set, Veselnitskaya and her team moved in, spent a few minutes revealing nothing related to what they claimed to be there for, then took a sharp left into a discussion involving Russians adopting American children, which is when Don the Younger realized the meeting was arranged under false pretenses and ended it abruptly. By then Boris and Natasha had accomplished their mission, tying the Trumps to Russians. I am blown away that people all across flyover country can see this and you, a so-called trained journalist, cannot.

Then, Shepard Smith, in his most righteous indignation, informs Wallace that this fairy tale is not about to end. There were other people at that meeting. Imagine that, a few other people at the meeting! Call out the National Guard, DEFCON 1! All personnel man your battle stations! Hide the women and children!

How are a few other people attending the meeting significant, Shep? What does it mean?

Read my lips, Shep. NOTHING! That’s what it means. NOTHING! The fact is at least one of those mystery individuals came into the room WITH Veselnitskaya. He is a former Soviet counterintelligence officer, and like Veselnitskaya tied closely to the Democrat Party and Fusion GPS, creator of the universally discredited Trump dossier. So, you can be assured he was not there at the behest of the Trumps. He was there to screw the Trumps, to set them up.

Are you still feeling indignant, Shep? I will be calling and emailing Fox News to unload your miserable carcass, as well as the miserable carcass of Chris Wallace’s. You should both be flipping burgers somewhere. Journalism is obviously not your thing.

THIS is how bizarre the Russian comedy has become. Say the Trumps are required to list every contact they have had with anyone from Russia or anyone having even the slightest trace of Russian ethnicity or anything at all in their lives involving any connection whatsoever to Russia, like having Russian salad dressing on their salad one time in 2014, and one of them admits to ordering “From Russia With Love” on Netflix in 2015, and listed the date of the order as April 17, 2015, and the DNC’s crack investigative team of Smith and Wallace uncover the truth that the actual date of the order was April 18, 2015. Fox Fake News and all the other usual suspects in the mainstream media would be screaming 24/7, “The Trumps lied again! Will the lies never cease?

I am absolutely sick of it! I stopped watching Fox News the night Megyn Kelly showed her hatred for Donald Trump on national TV, August 6, 2015, during the first GOP presidential primary debate. I have not been back and more and more it appears to have been a very good decision.