Geraldo Rivera is known to be a far left ideologue, typically very critical of conservative causes and Republican leaders. But, he is honest, an unusual trait in flaming liberal.

On Fox News yesterday, Rivera condemned the mainstream media for its “grotesquely unfair” treatment of President Trump regarding his response to the recent Hurricane Maria disaster.

I have news for you, Geraldo. The mainstream media’s “grotesquely unfair” treatment of President Trump is not limited to Puerto Rico. It is all day, every day!

Puerto Rico continues to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and has a long road ahead. But some in the media feel like the coverage of how President Donald Trump has handled the issue has been less than fair, IJR reports.

Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera is of Puerto Rican descent. On Friday morning during “Fox & Friends,” Rivera brought down the hammer for reporters and networks he feels aren’t getting the story straight.

Rivera said:

“He has been getting the worse, most dishonest press about his visit to Puerto Rico. It is staggering to me how unfair, how grotesquely unfair the reporting has been.

For example, I can attest, because I saw with my own eyes, that 90 percent, 95 percent of the people — everyone he came in physical contact — were all enthusiastic about his visit.”

Rivera switched gears to offer a critique of the president, too. He pointed out how it’s common knowledge FEMA and first responders cannot stay in Puerto Rico forever, and it wasn’t on target for Trump to tweet about it.

Rivera backed up his reason with the mention of how the president did not make a similar admonition about Harvey. But then, he went back to dropping the hammer on the media and defending the commander in chief.

“The president is right about something else. He is right about the fact that the infrastructure in Puerto Rico was an absolute disaster before Hurricane Maria,” Rivera said. “It is a dysfunctional system. It is a corrupt system. The power authority should be in jail. They have used the private, the public Puerto Rican electric authority as their own private piggy bank.”

Rivera also brought up how 70 percent of Puerto Rico was without power before Maria because Irma had caused massive damages, as well. He wasn’t done yet. He had a lot more facts for the media about Puerto Rico and just kept unleashing on dishonest coverage.