VIDEO: Sarah Sanders kills April Ryan with kindness, presenting her with one of her home-baked chocolate pecan pies

Doubling down on her suspicion, even once gifted one of Sanders’ homemade chocolate pecan pies, Ryan snidely suggested that Sanders is a liar: “But, wait a minute,” Ryan remarked. “You said you had a chocolate pecan pie,” not quite bright enough to understand that the chocolate is under the pecans.

VIDEO: CNN White House correspondent arrogantly demands that Sarah Sanders reveals whether she has ever been sexually harrassed

Sacrificial perverts Franken and Conyers have been expended to justify the coming crusade to force President Trump from the White House on multiple charges of sexual misconduct, which anyone with a shred of objectivity can see right through.

VIDEO: Jim Acosta attempts to defend fake news by CNN and other media. Sarah Sanders blows him up

“I want to say, Sarah, that journalists make honest mistakes and that doesn’t make them fake news,” Acosta whined as Sarah Sanders scolded the entire room of journalists for publishing fake news.

Piegate! Even though all evidence refutes her claim, CNN WH correspondent April Ryan insists Sarah Huckabee Sanders is lying about a Thanksgiving pie

No doubt, liberal weenies in Congress will begin clamoring Monday for a special counsel to investigate the pie, screaming that the Huckabee clan is guilty of destroying (eating) evidence, as Robert Mueller demands stool samples to determine if any ingredients were Russian.

VIDEO: In her usual perfect form, Sarah Huckabee Sanders shuts down reporter for his stupid question regarding President Trump’s “competence”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, doing what she does best – blowing up wiseass reporters. Check out this exchange between Sanders and a White House correspondent who wants to talk about Bob Corker’s comments regarding President Trump’s stability and competence.