Every day CNN tries a little harder to reach a new low, and every day they are a shining success.

It’s the number one trending topic on social media — and according to Julian Assange, it may be proof that CNN is acting illegally, according to The Horn.

Last week, President Donald Trump tweeted an internet meme first shared on the social media website Reddit.com, where a satirical video — or “gif — of the president pummeling a WWE professional wrestler during an appearance on the show was altered with CNN’s logo super-imposed on the wrestler’s face.

How did CNN respond to the ridiculous video? If you guessed the high road, you’d be wrong.

The network is accused of attacking the videos maker with blackmail and forcing him apologize — and their potentially illegal threats caused the hashtag #CNNBlackmail to become the number one trending topic across multiple social media platforms on Wednesday.

According to free speech advocate Julian Assange, what CNN did was illegal coercion in the New York penal code.

CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski claimed he tracked down the Reddit.com user’s personal identity, who went by the user name HanA**holeSolo, and reportedly demanded the user apologize publicly. Kaczynski then bragged in his blog that “because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again,” CNN would keep his identity secret.

Kacynski then wrote: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

According to The Daily Caller, “That sentence was widely interpreted as a threat” — and it caused a firestorm of anger among conservatives.

“CNN has accomplished the Houdini-esque feat of turning itself into the villain after President Trump tweeted a gif of himself body-slamming the CNN logo and punching it,” Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote. “This should demonstrate once again that Trump isn’t ruining CNN — CNN is so obsessed with Trump that it’s busily ruining whatever is left of its credibility.”

Unbelievably, this story could be even more ugly than first reported.

According to Donald Trump, Jr., the user being threatened by these CNN reporters may have been just 15-years-old.

Kacynski has denied the user was underage, and also claims his reported threat was being misinterpreted.

However, social media users have also revealed alleged evidence that CNN producers have performed ‘doxxing’ threats in the past. According to multiple citizen journalists, CNN producer Donie O’Sullivan has made blackmailing threats in the past.


Even lawmakers have expressed outrage over the reported threats.

Virginia Rep. (Scott) Sean Taylor weighed in early Wednesday —

We agree.