Cable Fake News Network (CFNN), sometimes jokingly referred to as Cable News Network (CNN), doesn’t report news, they manufacture it. They believe news is much more interesting if they prepare it for you the way they like it and jam it down your throat with a big stick. Yum, right?

The kicker is they don’t even care if you know it. In broad daylight, CNN will stage an event, complete with actors who they place carefully, studio equipment perfectly placed to record what they want you to believe is a spontaneous event, like the scene below.

Attempting to perpetuate the myth and popular leftist narrative that moderate Muslims hate MuslimĀ terrorists too, watch the following two videos. In the first video, you will see the slick made-for-TV production that CFNN is broadcasting. In the second video, you get a look fromĀ behind the cameras before they begin filming. Sad as hell!