This is rich. Liberal rag and fake news purveyor of the first rank, Politico, published a story Thursday morning that started a firestorm in the media and across the internet that Paul Ryan is announcing his retirement. They even reinforced their report by announcing that “Majority Whip Steve Scalise and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy are already making plans to replace Ryan as speaker.”

The only problem is none of it is true. It is 100% fake news.

President Trump was shocked to hear the news of his new Republican ally retiring and called to report his dismay at hearing the news. Speaker Ryan, who was reported to be as surprised as anyone by the news that he is retiring, assured the President, “I ain’t going anywhere.”

So, again a liberal weenie media outlet is guilty of publishing a completely erroneous report that would have required a simple phone call to the Speaker’s office to confirm as totally fake news. I guess a phone call was a little too difficult. Or, maybe the liberal weenies at Politico figured they can lie through their teeth for page views and go on their merry way to the next fake news report. And liberal weenie readers lap it up as legitimate news.

But, that’s OK, right? Liberals can lie and publish fake news all they want and there are no consequences, right?

From BizPac Review

Speculation that House Speaker Paul Ryan may be retiring after the 2018 midterm elections has escalated following a report that prompted a call from President Donald Trump.

A story published Thursday by Politico indicated that Capitol Hill insiders think the Wisconsin Republican intends to retire at the end of his term.

According to Politico:

Despite several landmark legislative wins this year, and a better-than-expected relationship with President Donald Trump, Ryan has made it known to some of his closest confidants that this will be his final term as speaker. He consults a small crew of family, friends and staff for career advice, and is always cautious not to telegraph his political maneuvers. But the expectation of his impending departure has escaped the hushed confines of Ryan’s inner circle and permeated the upper-most echelons of the GOP. In recent interviews with three dozen people who know the speaker—fellow lawmakers, congressional and administration aides, conservative intellectuals and Republican lobbyists—not a single person believed Ryan will stay in Congress past 2018.

Majority Whip Steve Scalise and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy are already making plans to replace Ryan as speaker, the report revealed.

But Ryan apparently assured the president that the rumors were not accurate when Trump called him.

“The president did speak to the Speaker not too long ago and made sure that the Speaker knew very clearly … that if that news was true he was very unhappy with it,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in the daily press briefing.


Ryan “assured the president that those were not accurate reports and that they look forward to working together for a long time,” Sanders said.

Washington Post White House reporter, Josh Dawsey, tweeted Thursday that President Trump reacted to the Poltico report with a direct call to Ryan.