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VIDEO: A message regarding the Muslim invasion of the West from then GOP primary candidate Donald Trump – “The Vicious Snake”

A flood of Muslim immigrants were happy to invade the continent, overwhelm the social welfare system, rape and kill at will and claim the land of their hosts as their own.

Swedish woman gang-raped by 7 Muslims for hours, often two at a time, yet Sweden, rape capital of the world, continues to allow the Muslim invasion

Many who are watching the Muslim invasion underway in Europe have predicted that Sweden will be the first domino to fall under the burden of the sheer numbers of lawless Muslims

Texas mayor is colluding with Barack Hussein to sneak Syrian Muslim refugees into Texas, despite governor’s order that none be accepted

How much more damage can Barack Hussein do to America in just three weeks? He is working overtime to maximize the injury and is getting help from liberal weenies across the country.

A famous TV chef was brutally beaten by “Muslim men” in Sweden because he “looked like Mr. Trump”

A famous TV chef in Malmö , Sweden was brutally beaten by three “Muslim men” in a fast food restaurant because, as they told him, he “bore a resemblance to Mr. Trump.”

The Trump influence: A year ago 28% of Aussies supported a ban on Muslim immigration. Today, 49%. Aussies are fed up. No more Muslims!

If you want no more radical Islamic terror, banning Muslims from entering your country is Step 1 in accomplishing that goal.

VIDEO: A Brit pleads with American voters to elect Donald Trump to prevent a global Muslim takeover

Donald Trump has already been elected…. in Britain. Trump supported and advocated Brexit, the British referendum which passed

Aussie politician proposes a ten-year ban on Muslim immigration. Trump is right!

One Aussie politician, Kirralie Smith, has had enough of Islam and in February proposed a 10-year ban on the immigration of Muslims to Australia.

VIDEO: Oh, look! Another bonus if Trump is elected. Muslims are vowing to leave America!

My favorite part of the video is around the 1:45 mark when two poor, aggrieved Muslims suggest leaving America when Donald Trump is elected.

Muslim charged with welfare fraud. Leaving the courtroom his wife and daughter flip the bird to TV cameras: “F*ck you, America!”

A Muslim deli owner in Buffalo has been arrested and is being held on $2,000,000 bail for welfare fraud. That is some serious welfare fraud!

Popular anti-Islamist Geert Wilders is favored to become the next Dutch Prime Minister, vowing to halt Muslim immigration

Wilders finds himself in the lead to become the next Dutch Prime Minister. If elected, he has vowed to stop Muslim immigration and push for Nexit

VIDEO: “Are we a stupid nation or what?” Muslim men are bringing up to four wives to the US, collecting welfare and other freebies for all four

“Are we stupid or what?” asks the video narrator who sounds very much like Fox News’ Stuart Varney. The short answer is “yes.” The long answer is also “yes.” In fact, the only answer is “yes.”

Check out this personal story of the true cost of the Muslim invasion of Europe

Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and we women are now refusing to go among those migrants!

What do Muslim men do when they’re “having a bad day?” Why, gang-rape an infidel woman, of course. That’s what these two Muslims told the judge

Ever the caring gentlemen, the two insisted that the other be the first to rape the infidel. Having decided who was first they proceeded to gang-rape the 56-year old woman.

VIDEO: Muslim migrants in Calais battle with police, destroy cars, block roads, harass motorists, and attempt to invade Britain, shouting, “f*ck the UK!”

Thousands of illegal migrants in Calais have blocked roads, rioted and attacked vehicles in coordinated attempts to break into the UK en masse.

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