This just in from the religion of peace….

Angela Merkel has turned Germany into the world’s largest cesspool by opening her country’s borders to as many Muslims as want to immigrate there, and there are millions of them. well over a million have immigrated to Germany recently, and more are pouring in.

The price the German people are paying for Merkel’s thoughtlessness is dear. Social welfare programs are being overwhelmed and the crime rate is skyrocketing.

In a recent court case in Munich two Muslim men were on trial for the gang rape of a woman last summer at a park where she was napping. She asked the men to stop shouting and they responded by dragging her into a flower bed (what a touching sentiment) and taking turns raping her.

Ever the caring gentlemen, the two insisted that the other be the first to rape the infidel. Having decided who was first they proceeded to gang-rape the 56-year old woman.

The two religion of peace rapists were apprehended two months later. In court, they explained their motive for the gang rape to the judge, declaring, “You know how it is, we were having a bad day.”

The Muslim invasion of Europe has turned the once peaceful continent of Europe into a crime-ridden hell. Sweden now leads all civilized nations in rape, nearly all committed by Muslim migrants. There is not a close second. In fact, Sweden is second only to the African nation of Lesotho in rape amongst ALL countries.


From The Daily Mail

As the UK leaves Europe for greener pastures, Germany continues to suffer the consequences of its dangerous immigration policies. On Friday, two Muslim asylum seekers who dragged an unsuspecting German woman into a flower bed at a local park in Berlin and gang-raped her were due in court to answer for their crimes. The 56-year-old victim was attacked in August at Munich’s Old Botanical Gardens after she asked the men to stop shouting. The woman was simply trying to take a nap at the park. The men, slightly inebriated from drinking whiskey, were likely angered by the fact that a woman had issued a command. Hailing from an Islamic region of the world where men exercise complete control over women’s behavior, the men appeared unable to cope with the fact that Germany is a democracy that offers equal rights to both sexes. So they snapped.

When police finally detained the suspects two months after the attack, asking why they had committed such an egregious crime, they simply answered, “We were having a bad day.”

The attackers have been identified as as 23-year-old Filmon K. and 26-year-old Habtom E., both asylum seekers from Eritrea.

The rape has left long-term psychological scars on the victim, impacting the trial’s progression. “A criminal case against the [attackers] was adjourned, however, after the victim suffered panic attacks,” reports Express (UK). “She had to telephone the court to postpone her appearance in which she was expected to give evidence in front of the two men.”

The attackers have so far given contradictory testimonies to the police. While they both claim to not remember the event in detail due to excessive alcohol consumption, Filmon K. reportedly told police that he debated with his fellow attacker about the logistics of the rape. “I told my friend that you can go first, and he told me no, you go first, and I’ll go later,” he stated.

In court, Filmon K. repeated what he told police. “You know how it is, we were having a bad day,” he told the court. Sympathizing with the actual victim of the attack, the judge responded sardonically, “It was not only a bad day for you.”

“I told my friend that you can go first, and he told me no, you go first, and I’ll go later.”

Sexual assaults against women in Germany have skyrocketed since German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the gates of her country to Muslim migrants. The most infamous case of rape occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. On that fateful evening, scores of young Muslim male refugees sexually assaulted, raped, harrassed, intimidated, and robbed over one thousand women. Several of the suspects were eventually identified and arrested. Others have escaped justice.

As countries across Europe reconsider their position in the European Union, Germany sits at the center of the EU’s migration crisis. The UK could no longer tolerate the “free movement” of migrants across EU borders due to the potential threat the recent wave of migrants pose to national security. One has to wonder how much longer Germany will continue its national suicide.