By Thomas Madison

Alrighty then! Talk about mixing cultures. How about a German Muslim wannabe biker gang/rap group? That is as messed up as a football bat!

These badass wannabes suck at rap. But they sure are are into themselves, telling the world, “We’re coming to take over the entire country (Germany).”

THIS is why Donald Trump wants to halt Muslim immigration. They come in, insult their hosts, exploit their entitlement system, then threaten to wipe out the culture of their generous benefactors.

Still think The Donald¬†is crazy, Trump-haters? Patriotic Europeans don’t!

From the youtube channel, Face of a Dying Nation

While many artists in the German Rap scene show hostility towards German culture and Germans in general, this music video by the Migrant boxing gang “Osmanen Germania” (freely translated Ottoman German Empire) released last year takes the absurdity to another level. It combines elements of biker-culture and German folk elements with Muslim faith and the self-proclaimed goal of a hostile takeover of the entire country – all while being proud to claim some traditional German culture as their own as a trophy.

In the video, the lead rapper claims Germans are weak and know nothing about brotherhood, while (as Allah is willing) Muslims will take over the country. He claims they are stronger, know how to fight, are ready to die in battle in a martyrs death and will “rob the last shirt” of Germans.

It may be cringeworthy, but it shows you the sentiment of these subcultures – any native German group releasing lyrics like this would certainly face imprisonment for hate speech.