By Thomas Madison

The most popular name for a male baby in London today is Muhammed!

The following video, sent to us by Powdered Wig reader, Stokes Terri, is not a motion picture of Hollywood fiction, produced for entertainment. It is not a prediction of some future possibility.

This is happening NOW! Today, all over Europe Muslim “refugees” are invading the typically passive and free nations of Europe. They are draining the European welfare system. They are making a complete mess and health hazard of the countryside with their garbage, which they abandon in place in their camps alongside the roadways. They are raping and beating their hosts and threatening them at every opportunity. They promise to breed the German people out of existence.

The worst of the misery is in Germany, where clueless Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has invited an endless stream of Muslim migrants into the once proud and peaceful nation. Not coincidentally, the majority of the so-called “refugees” are young, battle-age males. Merkel’s politically correct and inclusive stupidity is no doubt the result of having grown up under the communist tyranny in East Germany.

Heed this warning, America. Learn from Europe’s suicidal mistake.

While watching this phenomenon take place in Europe, many American politicians are playing the safe, politically correct card of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion. Only one has been bold and brave enough to play the Trump card, proposing a halt to Muslim immigration in the United States to prevent future Tashfeen Maliks from committing mass murder of innocent Americans.

Rise up, America! Be vocal, be vigilant, vote for Donald Trump!