By Thomas Madison

PEGIDA is a German anti-Muslim organization which is very vocal in their opposition to Angela Merkel’s Muslim immigration policy. She has opened the gates and so over a million Muslims have rushed in with more arriving daily.

There have been several public protests by PEGIDA over the past year, and each one seems to outdo the last in crowd size and intensity. At the most recent PEGIDA demonstration a gallows was present with the names of Merkel and her deputy,  Sigmar Gabriel, were printed on cardboard signs and hung by rope from the gallows.

The Merkel administration and every bleeding-heart liberal pantywaist in Germany are screaming bloody murder over the gallows prop, and authorities are trying to find the perpetrator. My question is, “Why?”

Does free speech, long held as a cherished right by Europeans, no longer exist? Is Germany returning to the policies of Adolf Hitler?  Does Merkel have the authority to punish those who protest against her? What would be the charge, “carrying a sign in public?” “Assault with a deadly cardboard sign?”

Shut up, Merkel! You screwed up big time, and screwed your own people while you were at it! They have every right to be angry, and to direct that anger at the perpetrator of your shockingly stupid immigration policy, or rather, lack thereof.

From AFP, via Yahoo

Berlin (AFP) – German prosecutors Tuesday said they were investigating after Islamophobic PEGIDA protesters at an anti-refugee rally displayed a miniature gallows with the names of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her deputy.

 The probe against persons unknown was on suspicion of public incitement to commit criminal acts and disturbing the peace, charges which carry up to five years jail, said prosecutors in the eastern city of Dresden.

Lawmakers voiced outrage over the macabre stunt at Monday night’s rally that drew thousands of supporters of the PEGIDA movement, short for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”.

“It is repulsive and disgusting. Every citizen can see what spirit prevails here,” said Michael Kretschmer of Merkel’s conservatives. “The rule of law must be brought to bear with full force.”

Germany’s far-right has increasingly vented its fury over Merkel’s decision to open the borders to up to one million asylum seekers this year, and xenophobic hate crimes have spiked.

The gallows prop with a hangman’s noose seen Monday carried a cardboard sign saying it was “reserved” for Merkel and the vice chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel of the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD).

State investigators were trying to ascertain who had brought it to the demonstration of the movement, which turns one year old next week, a prosecution service spokesman told private news channel N24.

SPD lawmaker Niels Annen, speaking to Handelsblatt business daily, said there must be consequences “when democratically elected representatives of our country are, even symbolically, threatened with death”.

This should include the rally organisers “who apparently tolerate hateful slogans and symbols”, he said, adding that PEGIDA’s self-proclaimed “concerned citizens” were showing their “true face”.

Only the small populist-nationalist Alternative for Germany party refused to distance itself from PEGIDA, with its Saxony state chief Uwe Wurlitzer telling Handelsblatt that it “is a citizens’ movement whose followers are exercising their right to freedom of assembly”.

The chairman of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, said security forces must keep a close eye on PEGIDA and “prevent the spread of a new, organised right-wing terrorism”.

Germany was shocked to learn in 2011 that a neo-Nazi death squad calling itself the National Socialist Underground (NSU) had gone on a seven-year killing spree that claimed 10 lives, nine of them people with migrant backgrounds.

“There must not be a second NSU,” said Wendt.