By Thomas Madison

Among the most insightful European reporters I follow is Pat Condell. He sees it as it is and he reports it as it is, the Donald Trump of the UK.

There is one European country that has led all others in progressive multiculturalism and warm and fuzzy self-righteousness that has led to the Muslim invasion of Europe.


Long considered a liberal paradise, Sweden is now a third world hellhole, where Swedish politicians have given the country away to a horde of criminal Muslim gangs, bent on the destruction of the very generous people who opened their arms to them.

Sweden leads Europe in rape, over 70% of which is committed by the 2% (and growing) Muslim population. There are now nearly 60 Muslim no-go zones scattered across Sweden, where even the police do not venture, where Sharia law is the local law, and where Swedes are simply not welcome.

Be sure to watch the second video to get an idea of the hopeless frustration of the everyday Swedish citizen, whose politicians are giving their futures to Islam.

Godspeed, Sweden. It was nice knowing you.