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VIDEO: Kremlin news agency posted a Twitter video today addressed to the White House showing a nuclear explosion with the US Capitol at ground zero

Early this morning, Kremlin-controlled Sputnik News posted an ominous tweet tagged “@WhiteHouse,” showing a nuclear explosion model with the US Capitol at ground zero.

Not only did Barack Hussein and the Clintons give Russia 20% of our uranium, but also the hypersonic missile technology to blow us up with it

Today it appears that Russia acquired that technology from the US defense industry via the Barack Hussein administration’s complicity and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s treasonous and mercenary self-interest.

What the….! Russian military aircraft flew over the Capitol and Pentagon at low altitude (3700 feet) yesterday

“A Russian military surveillance plane flew through secure airspace over Washington on Wednesday, passing near the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and other government buildings.”

Bill Clinton lackey admits that he was sent by Clinton to Russia “to meddle in their election” in 1994

“Caputo’s history in Russia dates to 1994…. “I was sent there by the Clinton administration to meddle in their elections.”

VIDEO: Putin emphasizes great meeting with President Trump, new foundation for positive relations between the US and Russia

Since Reagan, the United States has been led by two clueless Republicans (the Bushes) and a pair of corrupt Democrats (Slick and Hussein) who sold their souls to the devil long before inauguration.

Russia and China reject both a military option in North Korea as well as economic sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom

South Korea and Japan should be taking the lead on this. Together, they combine a military force more than adequate to deal with Kim, with the US playing a supporting role, as necessary.

VIDEO: NBC reporter totally embarrassed on global TV for the second time in two weeks, gets shut down by conference moderator

NBC’s Hallie Jackson was totally embarrassed on global TV for the second time in two weeks. After the first embarrassment (video link below), I would have thought that Jackson would still be in hiding.

US shoots down Syrian warplane in Syria as Iran now enters the fight, attacking ISIS

For the first time in the war against ISIS in Syria, the US has attacked Syrian government forces with the downing of a Syrian fighter jet by a US fighter jet.

VIDEO: Finally, a Democrat who admits it. “We have no smoking gun.”

While the Trump/Russia witch hunt is on its dying legs, there are a few players on the left still trying to breathe life into the fairy tale. But, even conspiracy nut Senator Mark Warner is admitting, ‘C’mon, we got nothing.’

Pentagon reportedly in ‘state of total fear’ over Russia’s new “super weapon,” the Khibiny Electronic Warfare System

The report also claims that the Pentagon was “reduced to a state of ‘total fear'” over Khibiny’s capabilities and the forced grounding of US fighter jets in Alaska.

LMAO! Another Democrat exposed with deep Russian financial ties. Guess who

What next, we’ll discover that Chuck Schumer and Vladimir Putin own a timeshare in Vegas together? Hey, what happens in Vegas….

Now that it is time to go to court to answer for his lies regarding Trump/Russia collusion, the guilty British spy is busy blaming others

Now that the Democrats have been caught paying a former British spy for fabricated allegations against President Trump, that spy, Christopher Steele has found himself in court, ordered to explain.

As tensions continue to mount over the North Korean problem, President Trump sends two more aircraft carrier groups

One horrible mistake President Trump made was calling King Pudgy a gentleman. Kim Jong-un is an obese, murderous, insane scumbag.

President Schizoid: “We’re not going into Syria. Our policy is the same, it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.”

Now, this from the United States Department of Schizophrenia…. President Trump: “We’re not going into Syria. Our policy is the same, it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.”

Trump admin declassifies info showing Assad regime led attack. Really? So, where is this unclassified proof?

I have been giving President Trump the benefit of the doubt on this. Now I have to wonder if he hasn’t become a swamp creature himself. Dear God, I hope not. I’m still with you, Mr. President.

VIDEO: Trump’s former enemies are now his best friends after the attack on Syria. So, what are they calling those of us who disagree?

Suddenly, to his former detractors, Trump went from being Adolf Hitler to Harry Truman in 59 quick cruise missiles.

AUDIO: “Military and intelligence personnel,” “intimately familiar” with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham”

“Military and intelligence personnel,” “intimately familiar” with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham.”

Russia and Iran threaten that they will “respond with force” if US crosses Syria “red lines” again

Russia and Iran said that Friday’s US strike on the Syrian air base crossed “red lines” and they would “respond with force” to any new aggression.

No way Assad bombed his own people, which puts the US in a very embarrassing and dangerous position

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie expressed doubt that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the April 4 chemical attack, and reinforced his stance that US intervention could end up making the situation worse.

To those who believe Russia’s armed forces are old, rusty, and incapable of beating America’s armed forces, READ THIS!

The Russians have a window of a couple of years and a golden opportunity to take out the United States. But, they must act soon. All they need is a reason, like our president attacking them or their allies.

VIDEO: Russian warship steaming toward US Navy destroyers that launched missile strike on Assad

Great! Like we didn’t know this would be the outcome of an unprovoked US attack on Syrian forces, which are backed by Russia. Way to go, Mr. President!

VIDEO: Democrat congressman says he has “no” concern about Trump being spied on because Russia

When will one of the talking heads put these barefaced liars in their place, calling them what they are, lying scum with no credibility, instead of allowing them to feed lies to the American people?

BREAKING! VIDEO: At least ten killed in Russian train explosions in what appears to be terrorism

Two explosions killed at least ten people on two train carriages at metro stations in St. Petersburg, Russia this morning, all signs thus far pointing to terrorism.

VIDEO: WH press briefing, all about Trump/Russia collusion. Sean Spicer smacks down ABC’s Jonathan Karl

UPDATE: President Trump had Russian dressing on his salad last night. The obvious collusion is getting deeper!

The noose is tightening around Barack Hussein’s neck as the depth of his illegal wiretapping is being revealed

I will not be happy until Barack Hussein and Hitlery Clinton are sharing a cage on the National Mall. The only thing that would make me happier is if George Soros is thrown into the same cage.

Doh! Speaking of the Russian Ambassador, guess who he was seen hanging out with at the SOTU Address

The Democrats remind me of Wiley Coyote. No matter how hard they try to destroy President Trump, an anvil always falls on their heads.

While Chuck Schumerov is going nuts over the liberal fantasy of President Trump having ties to Putin, look what is popping up all over the web

Chuck Schumer has gone completely off the rails over the left’s newest lie, which is nothing more than an attempt to cause damage to President Trump’s administration and to America in the process.

Upchuck Schumer is foaming at the mouth, demanding Jeff Sessions resign and a prosecutor appointed to investigate Trump Russian ties

Sessions met with the Russian ambassador once, in his capacity as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee, NOT as a Trump campaign official.

VIDEO: Former AG makes fake news CNN airhead look like a fool for suggesting President Trump is guilty of treason

Mukasey rightly reminds Burnett that speaking to Russians is not a crime, even if there was any evidence that that was done, which there isn’t.

BOMBSHELL REPORT! Confirmed! It wasn’t the Russians doing the election hacking after all. It was this guy!

The state’s IT team traced the intruder to a DHS computer’s IP address. The same DHS unit attempted 10 times in 2016 to hack into the Georgia electoral system.

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