I am begging all of my readers who have been blasting me for disagreeing with Trump’s attack on Assad to check your Trumpcrush at the door and look at this thing objectively.

You really need look no further than who the actors are that are supporting this bizarre military operation. All of the Democrats who just the day before were calling Trump a racist, homophobe, misogynist Nazi and a Russian agent in collusion with Vladimir Putin are suddenly in love with him.

Likewise, right wing douchenozzles Songbird McCain and Lightloafers Graham, who have been attacking Trump for two years.

The New York Fake News Times is suddenly a big Trump fan, as is The Washington Fake News Post.

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Suddenly, to his former detractors, Trump went from being Adolf Hitler to Harry Truman in 59 quick cruise missiles.

So, what are they all calling those of us who disagree with President Trump’s far too hasty decision to bomb a sovereign nation that, by the way, never invited us into their country?

We are now “Trump’s troll army – racists and conspiracy mongers.” The New York Times calls us a “small but influential white nationalist movement.” The Washington Post declares, “The war’s critics hold ‘racist, anti-Semitic and sexist’ views.”

Wow! That’s almost as bad as some of the things many of my readers (Trumpcrushers) are calling me – “traitor, coward, turncoat, liberal, asshole, pussy,” and a few expletives I had never heard before from one obviously inebriated reader (creative lot, those ex-sailors).

Who needs enemies when you have friends like that, right?