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Schmuck Schumer’s poll numbers in his home state are dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants in a sorority house

Firmly stationed on the popularity scale between root canals and Chlamydia, Schmuck Schumer is suffering his worst favorability scores ever, tanking 15 points among New Yorkers in recent months.

While Chuck Schumerov is going nuts over the liberal fantasy of President Trump having ties to Putin, look what is popping up all over the web

Chuck Schumer has gone completely off the rails over the left’s newest lie, which is nothing more than an attempt to cause damage to President Trump’s administration and to America in the process.

Upchuck Schumer is foaming at the mouth, demanding Jeff Sessions resign and a prosecutor appointed to investigate Trump Russian ties

Sessions met with the Russian ambassador once, in his capacity as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee, NOT as a Trump campaign official.

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