VIDEO: Kremlin news agency posted a Twitter video today addressed to the White House showing a nuclear explosion with the US Capitol at ground zero

Early this morning, Kremlin-controlled Sputnik News posted an ominous tweet tagged “@WhiteHouse,” showing a nuclear explosion model with the US Capitol at ground zero.

Putin claims Russia now has nuclear-powered missiles with unlimited range. Perfect! They can launch 360 around the globe and blow their own asses up!

Vladimir Putin has an election this month, so he is putting on a grand show of badass bravado, announcing via Twitter today that Russia now has nuclear-powered cruise missiles with unlimited range. 

What the….! Russian military aircraft flew over the Capitol and Pentagon at low altitude (3700 feet) yesterday

“A Russian military surveillance plane flew through secure airspace over Washington on Wednesday, passing near the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and other government buildings.”

Pentagon reportedly in ‘state of total fear’ over Russia’s new “super weapon,” the Khibiny Electronic Warfare System

The report also claims that the Pentagon was “reduced to a state of ‘total fear'” over Khibiny’s capabilities and the forced grounding of US fighter jets in Alaska.

To those who believe Russia’s armed forces are old, rusty, and incapable of beating America’s armed forces, READ THIS!

The Russians have a window of a couple of years and a golden opportunity to take out the United States. But, they must act soon. All they need is a reason, like our president attacking them or their allies.