Yawn. Chucky Schumer has joined the Democrat chorus pushing the lie narrative that President Trump has ties with Russia. The newest accusation alleges that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met twice with the Russian ambassador to the US twice last year, and didn’t disclose it when questioned by the Senate. Bullshit! There was nothing to disclose.

First of all, when did meeting with Russians become a crime? It didn’t! Watch former Attorney General Michael Mukasey make a fool of CNN’s Erin Burnett, who suggests that President Trump has committed treason. Link…. Mukasey skewers CNN

Secondly, Sessions met with the Russian ambassador once, in his capacity as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee, NOT as a Trump campaign official. The other so-called meeting that Sessions had with Ambassador Kislyak was a chance encounter in public.

The Chicago Tribune reported that “Sessions attended a Heritage Foundation event in July on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention that was attended by roughly 50 ambassadors. When the event was over, a small group of ambassadors approached Sessions as he was leaving the podium, and Kislyak was among them, the Justice Department official said. Sessions then spoke individually to some of the ambassadors, including Kislyak, the official said.”

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These two encounters between Sessions and Kislyak are what the Democrats are pinning their hopes on in an attempt to damage Donald Trump’s presidency. The newest lie mantra from the left now is “Kislyak is Russia’s top spy!” Kislyak is NOT a spy. The Democrats are clueless, pitiful morons! The only ties between Trump and Russia I have seen are the ones Vladimir Putin wears. He loves Trump ties. (photo below)


Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer threw his weight behind the push Thursday for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign and a special prosecutor appointed to investigate ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian spies, cites The Washington Times.

Mr. Schumer said Mr. Sessions’ credibility as the country’s top law enforcement official had been undermined by revelations that he met with the Russian ambassador during the presidential race and then failed to disclose it when asked during confirmation hearings.

“I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach,” the New York Democrat said of his reaction to the news that broke Wednesday night. “It goes to the very wellspring of our democracy.”

He joined other top Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in calling for Mr. Session’s resignation.

Mr. Schumer demanded the appointment of a special prosecutor and the launch of a investigation by the Justice Department inspector general into ties between the Trump administration and Russia.