Watch this miserable parasite, California Democrat congressman Eric Swalwell, lie straight into the camera claiming there is no evidence of Barack Hussein spying on President-elect Trump and his team (there is a ton), but there is much evidence of Trump colluding with Russia (there is none).

When will one of the talking heads put these barefaced liars in their place, calling them what they are, lying scum with no credibility, instead of allowing them to feed lies to the American people?

Swalwell: “What I am concerned about is that a foreign adversary, RUSSIA, a country who is not our friend, attacked our democracy this past election and that our President and his campaign, who the FBI are investigating right now for counterintelligence and criminal investigations, have deep, personal, political, and financial ties and what I want to know, and is a serious question Americans are asking, is whether those ties were converging at the same time Russia was attacking us.”