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11 members of Congress have forwarded a criminal referral to Jeff Sessions demanding a criminal investigation of Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, and other swamp rats

Just what is known publicly about Hillary Clinton is enough to indict her for multiple crimes. Likewise James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

Perfect! Judge presiding over Cohen case was chosen by Bill Clinton as AG and officiated George Soro’s wedding. But nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Judge Kimba Wood is a flaming liberal, pal to the upper crust of liberal society. She was chosen by Bill Clinton as his Attorney General but withdrew her nomination over a scandal. She is also the judge who officiated the wedding of George Soros. But, nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Breaking! Congress has drafted Articles of Impeachment against DOJ obstructionist Rod Rosenstein. Drain that swamp!

Bottom line: Rosenstein has little to fear from Congress. Likewise, he has little to fear from Jeff Sessions, who has done little in office other than bail on his boss (recusal) and ensure the swamp remains the swamp.

Breaking! FBI raids offices of Trump attorney Michael Cohen

President Trump should shut the bureau down until it can be rebuilt into a legitimate, law enforcement agency, not an official enforcement branch of the Democrat Party, which is how the KKK got its start, as an enforcement branch of the Democrat Party.

Mueller grand jury witness claims the investigation has become nothing more than a “witch hunt.” “Enough is enough!”

A Mueller grand jury witness wrote an op-ed for The Daily Caller claiming “It’s time for this witch hunt to end. There are plenty of things not to like about President Trump, but if the American people seek to remove him from office the place to remove him is at the ballot box. Enough is enough.”

Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett’s excellent and ironclad case to fire both Mueller and Rosenstein and end the conspiracy to depose President Trump

If these crooks and their fellow swamp rats would conspire to destroy a sitting president (seditious conspiracy of the most obvious sort), do you think, for a moment, that they would hesitate to destroy you or someone you love?

Devin Nunes angry about lack of MSM coverage and DOJ stonewalling. Claims that Dems weaponizing of intel to take down Trump has ‘boomeranged on them.’

Devin Nunes let loose on Fox News with Sean Hannity, clearly upset at the lack of mainstream media coverage of the criminal enterprise we know as the Democrat Party in its illegal spying of the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential race.

There are four bombshells in the House Intelligence Committee Russia report

I think it is about time the good guys left in the FBI start advising the swamp rats pictured above, as well as many of their co-conspiring swamp rats, to not plan any overseas trips in the near future.

After a year-long investigation, the House Intelligence Committee has concluded that there was no collusion between President Trump and Russia whatsoever

Another nail is Mueller’s coffin. After a year-long investigation into collusion between President Trump and Russia, the House Intelligence Committee has concluded that there was no collusion whatsoever. 

Shocking revelation! Susan Rice ordered National Security Council to stand down on Russian meddling as they were exposing it. Why? This is why

From all of the information we have to date, it seems clear that the administration of Barack Hussein didn’t want the Russian meddling to stop because they had already planned to hang it around then-candidate Trump’s neck to destroy him.

Will Mike Flynn reverse his guilty plea? There are so many holes in the FBI case against him (enumerated below), it is very likely

As if all of this evidence weren’t enough, consider the fact that the judge in the sentencing of Flynn has ordered Mueller to turn over all exculpatory evidence against Flynn to be turned over, indicating that he too believes there are egregious flaws in the FBI’s case against Flynn.

Internet sleuth confirms Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks informer. Offered proof to Mueller. Not interested. Does not fit the Russian collusion narrative

Evidence of Rich being the hacker instead of shady Russians, as the Democrats want you to believe, is in the hands of Kiwi internet sleuth Kim Dotcom, who not only knows of Rich’s leak to Assange, but was involved in the leak himself.

Here come da’ judge! New judge appointed in the Flynn case is a gunslinger who has Mueller and DOJ squirming, may end Mueller witch hunt

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s favorite pastime is going after nefarious and rogue characters in the Department of Justice, particularly those who coerce a witness to plead guilty to a crime they did not commit, like Mike Flynn who was convinced to plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

American spies paid a shady Russian 100,000 US taxpayer dollars for bogus dirt on President Trump

Want some free money? Just find a US intelligence operative and promise to give him or her salacious, bogus information on President Trump consorting with Russians. It doesn’t matter that the information is totally false. If it is anywhere near believable and will generate public outrage, it is worth a fortune.

Carter Page destroys the MSM narrative that Page was tied to Russia and Trump was tied to Page: “I never spoke with him (Trump) any time in my life”

George Stephanopoulos tried as hard as he could to smear Russia all over Carter Page in an interview on Good Morning America Tuesday. The Clinton-operative-turned-morning-show-host attempted to pin all manner of Russian ties to Page, the obvious strategy being to then […]

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