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BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Rod Rosenstein is under investigation for FISA fraud and abuse. Leaderless DOJ in “freefall”

While Jeff Sessions has been doing crossword puzzles at his desk all day, Rod Rosenstein has been running interference for the swamp in its attempt to escape the Russia collusion investigation of President Trump that has now implicated many high-level swamp rats, chief among them Rosenstein himself.

Sending a clear signal to Mueller and the left that their witch hunt is a joke, judge sentences Papadopoulos to 14 days in jail for lying to the FBI

The most recent development in Mueller’s wild goose chase is George Papadopoulos being sentenced to 14 days for lying to the FBI, the sentencing judge clearly sending the message to Mueller and the left that their witch hunt is a sad joke.

Roger Stone says that Donald Trump, Jr. will be arrested and charged very soon by Robert Mueller

“The special counsel is going to charge Donald Trump Jr. with lying to the FBI. Notice they’re not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there’s nothing illegal about that meeting.”

BREAKING! Rod Rosenstein ordered Trump-appointed US attorney to recuse himself from Cohen case, allowing Democrat holdovers of Trump-hater Preet Bharara to pursue the case

The more we get down the road with the left’s clear mission to jail as many people as necessary until one flips and gives them an impeachable offense to drive President Trump from the White House, the more curious it becomes that President Trump is doing nothing to stop it.

VIDEO: Fox News interview of President Trump. Obvious takeaway – fire Sessions NOW! He has become a national security risk

However, urgency may require Sessions be fired immediately for allowing Mueller and Rosenstein to lead DOJ and the country into the deep, dark abyss from which we are likely to never recover, making Sessions’ continued presence at DOJ a national security risk.

Former Clinton staffer voices his disgust at the treatment of President Trump, claiming there was no campaign violation by Trump but plenty by Hitlery

There was no there there. There was no crime. Paying a hooker out of your own money is not a campaign finance violation. Yet, Mueller proceeds and Sessions looks the other way.

Michael Cohen has copped a plea, agreeing to a prison term of 3 to 5 years. Here are the charges that Cohen is pleading guilty to

It looks like the government has Michael Cohen dead to rights on two charges, tax fraud and making false statements to a financial institution. I say “dead to rights” because he has accepted 3 to 5 years in prison rather than fight the charges.

CNN joins other liberal jury tampering news outlets, filing a motion demanding that the names and addresses of the Manafort jurors be unsealed

It is fortunate for Paul Manafort that Judge Ellis is handling this case. Were the case being presided over by a Trump-hating judge, which there seems to be no shortage of, then he could very easily be facing life in prison. And the really scary part is next time it could be YOU!

Manafort’s legal team rests its case without calling a single witness, evidence that they are very confident in an acquittal

Judge Ellis has admonished Mueller and his team on several occasions for engineering a witch hunt, declaring that Mueller is not after Manafort, but rather, attempting to have him flip to save his own skin in an effort to force him to testify against President Trump.

Our texts mean “exactly what they say,” testifies Lisa Page, totally contradicting her lover, Satan Strzok’s BS insistence that there was no bias in the texts

Lisa Page is reportedly cooperating fully with congressional questioning and very much contradicting the testimony of her former lover Satan Strzok.

BOMBSHELL video! Putin wants to interrogate US intel officers in regard to $400 million of illicit money that made its way from Russia to Hitlery’s campaign

I would love nothing more than to see Hitlery in a Russian court trying to explain how she wound up with $400 million of illicit Russian money in her campaign coffers, as well as all of the swamp rats from Brennan to Comey to Strzok.

Scorching critiques of satanic career parasite and swamp rat Peter Strzok’s congressional testimony are burning up the net

The FBI is now a sad joke, but one all Americans have every reason to fear for its unspoken policy of framing the innocent while ignoring the guilty.

VIDEO: No doubt about it, Peter Strzok is Satan! He is also the creepiest bastard on the planet. New viral video of Mr. Creepy burning up the net

I fully expected Strzok’s head to spin 360 degrees on his torso as Linda Blair’s “The Exorcist” laugh filled the House chamber. Goodlatte needs to get a Catholic priest who is an expert in exorcism into the chamber in a hurry to continue the questioning of Strzok.

I am finding many rare gems from the Strzok testimony, like this one. John Ratcliffe absolutely destroys Peter Strzok, who never knew what hit him

Strzok, whose smug, smirky, defiant demeanor proved that he came into these proceedings with the obvious opinion that he was not only the equal of his inquisitors but far superior, will need the help of Lisa Page and Bob Mueller to walk to his car when this is finished, as he has been ripped a new exhaust port by John Ratcliffe.

VIDEO: Sensenbrenner forces Strzok to admit that it was he who changed ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless,’ giving Hitlery a ‘get out jail free card’

Satan (Strzok) admitted that it was he who changed the language. Actually, he admitted that the language was changed on his computer, as though it is capable of making such changes on its own.

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