This is so bizarre, I fear it isn’t legit. However, as far as I can tell and according to corroborating sources, this is legit!

To say that the US/Russia relationship is on shaky ground would be the understatement of the century, if not the millennium.

Assad and Putin are maintaining their claim of innocence in the chemical attack that killed dozens of Syrian civilians, including many children.

Escalating the provocative rhetoric between Washington and Moscow, the Kremlin continues to push the envelope with its dangerous and threatening language.

Early this morning, Kremlin-controlled Sputnik News posted an ominous tweet tagged “@WhiteHouse,” showing a nuclear explosion model with the US Capitol at ground zero.┬áIt is believed that the video was produced by the US government, an emergency preparedness video that Sputnik copied and sent to the White House.

“Perhaps not” is the indication from Moscow.