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VIDEO: UPDATE! Jerome Corsi refuses Mueller plea deal. “The American people have got to understand we have a criminal Department of Justice”

“The American people have got to understand we have a criminal Department of Justice, and they are taking citizens…. I’ve never committed a crime in my life. I’m 72 years old. They want to bankrupt my family. ‘Is Daddy going to prison?’ My wife is crying every day.”

Sending a clear signal to Mueller and the left that their witch hunt is a joke, judge sentences Papadopoulos to 14 days in jail for lying to the FBI

The most recent development in Mueller’s wild goose chase is George Papadopoulos being sentenced to 14 days for lying to the FBI, the sentencing judge clearly sending the message to Mueller and the left that their witch hunt is a sad joke.

Former Clinton staffer voices his disgust at the treatment of President Trump, claiming there was no campaign violation by Trump but plenty by Hitlery

There was no there there. There was no crime. Paying a hooker out of your own money is not a campaign finance violation. Yet, Mueller proceeds and Sessions looks the other way.

VIDEO: Acclaimed law professor reveals an egregious violation of the Constitution that makes Mueller’s investigation illegal

That Rosenstein and Mueller would usurp the authority of the man they are trying to destroy is only the latest unethical, illegal, immoral act by the deep state swamp rats who have illegally granted themselves the authority to destroy a sitting president, nothing less than seditious conspiracy, as I read 18 US Code § 2384.

Witch Hunt Mueller is now investigating foreign donations to President Trump’s inauguration as a way to charge him and remove him from office

Mueller may as well interrogate Bullwinkle for his connection to Boris Badenov. This entire frame job, masquerading as a legitimate investigation, is now beyond preposterous!

Federal judge: ‘C’mon man!’ as he berated Mueller and accused him of ‘lying’ in an effort to destroy and depose President Trump

Judge TS Ellis, III was not happy with Mueller’s charges and he saw right through them, berating the special prosecutor for using Manafort to get to President Trump. This judge is not at all fooled into believing that the charges against Manafort are legitimate and sees clearly what is going on.

VIDEO: Hitman Robert Mueller called Congressman Gohmert a liar during congressional testimony. Gohmert demands Mueller resign: He “destroys people”

Mueller is not likely to heed Gohmert’s demand to tender his resignation. He will have to be fired, meaning all we need now is a competent Attorney General to fire Rosenstein and Mueller and put an end to this bizarre theater.

MIND-BLOWING 48-page essay by a Republican congressman, exposing Robert Mueller as a corrupt, conniving swamp rat. I have summarized it here

“After a complete pounding of media-driven hysteria, in mid-February of 2017, Mike Flynn resigned having served only 23 days as National Security Advisor. Mueller targeted Flynn using illicitly-gathered and leaked foreign intelligence and surveillance as evidence.”

Liberal weenies from sea to shining sea are gearing up for a big weekend of rioting, property damage, and physical assault, or as they call it, “protesting”

A leaked email from a Democrat member of the House indicates that the wheels are in motion to mobilize dweebs, geeks, Trump-haters, and anyone else who wants to crack a few heads and burn a dumpster or two this weekend.

In Tuesday’s testimony before Congress, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook is assisting Robert Mueller in his witch hunt

Mark Zuckerberg admitted Tuesday that Facebook is assisting Robert Mueller in his never-ending witch hunt into possible collusion by the Trump campaign and administration with the Russian government or any Russians. The sooner President Trump or worthless Jeff Sessions fires […]

VIDEO: For the first time, President Trump openly, publicly discusses firing Robert Mueller. Don’t hesitate, Mr. President. Mueller is very dangerous!

Mr. President, again, before Mueller gains the upper hand by doing whatever it takes to depose you, and manufacturing evidence is not unimaginable given Mueller’s, and the swamp creatures he answers to, what it takes to destroy you and the country all patriots love and have been so close to losing.

Mueller grand jury witness claims the investigation has become nothing more than a “witch hunt.” “Enough is enough!”

A Mueller grand jury witness wrote an op-ed for The Daily Caller claiming “It’s time for this witch hunt to end. There are plenty of things not to like about President Trump, but if the American people seek to remove him from office the place to remove him is at the ballot box. Enough is enough.”

Mueller: Trump is not a criminal target. Liberals hearts are breaking from sea to shining sea. This is your chance, Prez. End this charade now!

President Trump should take full advantage of Mueller’s statement and end this clown show of an investigation NOW! He should fire Mueller and Rosenstein today. Then, tomorrow, he should fire Jeff Sessions for not firing Mueller and Rosenstein himself a year ago.

VIDEO: Wow! Diamond and Silk, more irate than you have ever seen them. I get the impression they don’t like Robert Mueller very much

The target of their ire today is Robert Mueller who continues his pointless investigation into collusion between President Trump and Russia even though nary a shred of evidence has been discovered in over a year.

Internet sleuth confirms Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks informer. Offered proof to Mueller. Not interested. Does not fit the Russian collusion narrative

Evidence of Rich being the hacker instead of shady Russians, as the Democrats want you to believe, is in the hands of Kiwi internet sleuth Kim Dotcom, who not only knows of Rich’s leak to Assange, but was involved in the leak himself.

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine: There is more than enough evidence to investigate Robert Mueller

Mueller has now indicted 13 Russian nationals who live in non-extradition-treaty Russia in the hopes of keeping his investigation alive. He knows the Russians will never be tried. He may as well indict Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. Total nothingburger and he knows it.

President Trump is being railroaded! Witness comes forward who testified before Mueller’s grand jury: It looks like “a Black Lives Matter rally”

Nothing shines the spotlight of truth on the corrupt American grand jury system more brightly than the proceedings underway in the Russian collusion investigation being run by Robert Mueller and his army of partisan Trump-hating clowns masquerading as unbiased investigators.

“ABSOLUTE RED LINE:” Eric Holder issues Republicans warning #2 to leave Mueller alone as he proceeds to frame President Trump

Jeff Sessions, where the hell are you? Your boss is fighting for his life, being set up by a team of Trump-hating investigators and your own FBI while you stand by and watch. Are you a total wimp or a part of the conspiracy? It has to be one or the other.

VIDEO: Eric Holder threatens Republicans to not remove Mueller. Nearly as seditious as Loretta Lynch wanting liberals to “bleed” and “die” to stop Trump

Eric Holder is warning Republicans in Congress that “any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated.” So, what you gonna’ do, Eric, incite an army of pussyhats to march on the White House? Spare us! Such comedy we don’t […]

Mueller witch hunt at a low point as DOJ examines over 10,000 anti-Trump FBI agents’ messages to and from his mistress that led to the agent’s firing

The swamp is slowly draining and it is a beautiful thing. Let’s all enjoy watching a master builder fill it with rich American soil and transform it into a beautiful city.

Still chasing the Russian fairy tale, Robert Mueller charges Michael Flynn with lying to the FBI

Mike Flynn is the latest to be charged by Mueller, for “lying to the FBI” about conversations Flynn had with Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak. He may not have remembered something correctly. He may have said they were talking about professional ice hockey when it was really Olympic ice hockey. He may have said he had Ranch dressing on his salad when a restaurant receipt proves it was Blue Cheese dressing.

BOOM! GOP congressman introduces a resolution declaring Mueller “hopelessly compromised. Must step down immediately!”

Hitlery and Barack Hussein put America’s national security in grave jeopardy by giving away 20% of our uranium, with Hitlery benefitting to the tune of $145 million. You want to investigate something, Mueller? Investigate THAT!

Russia calls the Manafort indictment “cooked up,” proven, they say, by a glaring mistake by Mueller and his incompetent gang of goons

Making America look like a nation of incompetents, Robert Mueller made a fundamental and horrific mistake in the Manafort indictment which could dismiss the entire legal proceeding.

The indictment of Paul Manafort proves 2 things: Robert Mueller is a complete fraud and we are now in the worst constitutional crisis since the Civil War

Robert Mueller has violated every word in our Constitution guaranteeing equal treatment under the law and fair and impartial justice. He is nothing less than a complete fraud, a partisan political hack masquerading as an independent investigator. 

VIDEO: Paul Manafort turns himself into the FBI. Dershowitz explains why Mueller arrested Manafort and why this is dangerous for President Trump

This entire proceeding, since the appointment of Mueller, has been a nauseating thing to watch. It proves that you have to be guilty of nothing in America to be destroyed. All that has to happen is to be opposed by corrupt criminals like the Clinton syndicate who can engineer a bogus case.

Mueller’s filing of charges just a distraction. Sessions must unrecuse himself NOW and promptly fire Mueller, who has Uranium One cover up to answer for

What provoked apathy a year ago now provokes public outrage. The Democrat Party and their soldiers, like Mueller and Comey, are now fully exposed as members of the criminally corrupt street gang we know as the beltway establishment.

Mueller has placed the first charges in the Trump/Russia collusion case. Arrests could happen as early as Monday

I believe this signals that Mueller is running a little scared. He knows he is implicated in the coverup of Hitlery’s REAL Russian collusion scheme, Uranium One, which is nothing less than treasonous, and he aims to deflect attention away from that case and his own involvement.

BOMBSHELL! Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel was illegitimate and illegal. End the witch hunt now!

Rod Rosenstein, acting on behalf of recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions, did not conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if there was sufficient evidence to proceed with the appointment of a special counsel. He simply appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel on his own.

WikiLeaks BOMBSHELL! The Barack Hussein administration gave Russia stolen highly enriched uranium in 2009. Guess who personally made the delivery

Mueller must have had a hard time keeping a straight face when asked to accept the appointment as Special Counsel to investigate President Trump for Russian collusion, which so far has turned up NOTHING except the one time in 2013 when private citizen Trump ordered Russian dressing for his salad.

A list of scandals that occurred on Mueller’s watch as FBI director about which he did nothing. It’s about time someone investigates Mueller

We all know that Robert Mueller and James Comey are swamp creatures of the first rank. Isn’t it about time someone investigated THEM?

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