VIDEO: Facebook is openly shutting down Diamond and Silk’s traffic claiming that the avid Trump supporters are “unsafe to the community”

So, on Herr Zuckerberg’s plantation, “Trump supporters are unsafe to the community.” There, he said it, right out in the open, no hiding it, no beating around the bush – Trump supporters are unsafe to the community.

VIDEO: Wow! Diamond and Silk, more irate than you have ever seen them. I get the impression they don’t like Robert Mueller very much

The target of their ire today is Robert Mueller who continues his pointless investigation into collusion between President Trump and Russia even though nary a shred of evidence has been discovered in over a year.

VIDEO: One US Attorney refused to resign. Diamond and Silk weigh in….

Not a problem. Mr. Bwaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaa was treated to the two words President Trump is most famous for….. “YOU’RE FIRED!”