That low rumbling sound you hear outside is the great wailing and gnashing of teeth by liberal weenies across America.

Robert Mueller has announced that President Trump is not the target of a criminal investigation.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to a Washington Post report via NTKinformed lawyers for President Trump that the president is not a criminal target in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

As the Mueller probe continues to dominate the narrative surrounding the Trump administration, this new report will be welcome news in the White House.

However, the special counsel continues to view the president as a “subject” and is requesting an interview with Trump:

“The special counsel also told Trump’s lawyers that he is preparing a report about the president’s actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice, according to two people with knowledge of the conversations.
What the….? “Obstruction of justice” is no longer a crime?

Mueller reiterated the need to interview Trump — both to understand whether he had any corrupt intent to thwart the Russia investigation and to complete this portion of his probe, the people said.”

This news comes as the president’s frustration with the investigation is in danger of boiling over.

The president changed his stance toward the Mueller investigation in recent weeks, shaking up his legal team. And Trump put the probe in the sights of his Twitter account, a step he had not previously taken.

President Trump should take full advantage of Mueller’s statement and end this clown show of an investigation NOW! He should fire Mueller and Rosenstein today. Then, tomorrow, he should fire Jeff Sessions for not firing Mueller and Rosenstein himself a year ago.