Witch Hunt Mueller is now investigating foreign donations to President Trump’s inauguration as a way to charge him and remove him from office

Mueller may as well interrogate Bullwinkle for his connection to Boris Badenov. This entire frame job, masquerading as a legitimate investigation, is now beyond preposterous!

Federal judge: ‘C’mon man!’ as he berated Mueller and accused him of ‘lying’ in an effort to destroy and depose President Trump

Judge TS Ellis, III was not happy with Mueller’s charges and he saw right through them, berating the special prosecutor for using Manafort to get to President Trump. This judge is not at all fooled into believing that the charges against Manafort are legitimate and sees clearly what is going on.

MIND-BLOWING 48-page essay by a Republican congressman, exposing Robert Mueller as a corrupt, conniving swamp rat. I have summarized it here

“After a complete pounding of media-driven hysteria, in mid-February of 2017, Mike Flynn resigned having served only 23 days as National Security Advisor. Mueller targeted Flynn using illicitly-gathered and leaked foreign intelligence and surveillance as evidence.”

Mueller: Trump is not a criminal target. Liberals hearts are breaking from sea to shining sea. This is your chance, Prez. End this charade now!

President Trump should take full advantage of Mueller’s statement and end this clown show of an investigation NOW! He should fire Mueller and Rosenstein today. Then, tomorrow, he should fire Jeff Sessions for not firing Mueller and Rosenstein himself a year ago.

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine: There is more than enough evidence to investigate Robert Mueller

Mueller has now indicted 13 Russian nationals who live in non-extradition-treaty Russia in the hopes of keeping his investigation alive. He knows the Russians will never be tried. He may as well indict Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. Total nothingburger and he knows it.

BOOM! GOP congressman introduces a resolution declaring Mueller “hopelessly compromised. Must step down immediately!”

Hitlery and Barack Hussein put America’s national security in grave jeopardy by giving away 20% of our uranium, with Hitlery benefitting to the tune of $145 million. You want to investigate something, Mueller? Investigate THAT!

VIDEO: Paul Manafort turns himself into the FBI. Dershowitz explains why Mueller arrested Manafort and why this is dangerous for President Trump

This entire proceeding, since the appointment of Mueller, has been a nauseating thing to watch. It proves that you have to be guilty of nothing in America to be destroyed. All that has to happen is to be opposed by corrupt criminals like the Clinton syndicate who can engineer a bogus case.

A list of scandals that occurred on Mueller’s watch as FBI director about which he did nothing. It’s about time someone investigates Mueller

We all know that Robert Mueller and James Comey are swamp creatures of the first rank. Isn’t it about time someone investigated THEM?

Continuing to build his leftist legion, Robert Mueller has added another attorney with leftist ties who served in DOJ under Eric Holder

Robert Mueller has added another leftist attorney to his army of Trump-hounding goose chasers. Rather than concluding the discredited, baseless fairy tale, Mueller continues to build his leftist legion.

Robert Mueller acting as special counsel is ILLEGAL, not just unethical, declares senior Congressman

Not until now has anyone declared that this clear conflict of interest is not a matter of ethics, but of law.

Prediction: President Trump will fire swamplord Robert Mueller…. and SOON! Rosenstein, too. He has no choice!

Enough Mr. Nice Guy, President Trump. These people are out to destroy you. It is clear! You must fire Robert Mueller and the dirtbag who appointed him, Rod Rosenstein, and you must do it NOW! Waiting only increases the danger.

Swamplord Robert Mueller and his army of swamp creatures are attempting to flip Paul Manafort to get to President Trump

Robert Mueller and the Democrats are teaching America a valuable lesson – how corrupt and totally out of control American law enforcement is. It matters not what you have done. What matters is what they can pin on you, what they can invent, what they can convince the court of public opinion that you have done.

Team Trump is on a scavenger hunt, searching for dirt on Mueller’s predominantly leftist army of investigators

President Trump’s lawyers and aides are scouring the professional and political backgrounds of investigators hired by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller hires another Democrat Hitlery donor. Come on, Mr. President, look Mueller square in the eyes and sincerely proclaim, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Look Mueller square in the eyes and very sincerely proclaim, “YOU’RE FIRED!” We the People have your back. Just do it!

Robert Mueller must be fired immediately! He is a leftist tool intent on taking down President Trump. Newt Gingrich agrees

I have been calling for President Trump to fire Robert Mueller immediately. He is a Democrat hack and extremely dangerous. Newt Gingrich agrees.