Robert Mueller’s bizarre investigation searching for any shred of evidence tying President Trump to Russia crashed and burned a long time ago.

Yet, Mueller persists, prosecuting Trump underlings, hoping to find one or more subjects weak and scared enough to finger President Trump.

It matters not whether the accusations of a Michael Cohen are true. All that matters is whether Mueller can convince a jury to believe that they are true.

Mueller has been striking out on all attempts thus far. His best chance has been to convince Paul Manafort to implicate President Trump in return for anything less than life in prison. Thus far, Manafort has not played Mueller’s corrupt, unethical, immoral game, preferring to remain in jail rather than tell a lie that will endanger the Trump presidency.

The most recent development in Mueller’s wild goose chase is George Papadopoulos being sentenced to 14 days for lying to the FBI, the sentencing judge clearly sending the message to Mueller and the left that their witch hunt is a sad joke, a fact that President Trump was happy to rub Mueller’s nose in with the following tweet….