As Robert Mueller was selecting his team of investigators for the Russian collusion investigation, ties by those team members to the Democrat Party became apparent, and it was then that it was clear that this was no objective, impartial, non-partisan investigation. Mueller’s investigation was clearly a hatchet job with one target – President Donald Trump.

Fast forward nearly a year and nothing has been found to implicate President Trump. In fact, the whole Russian collusion story has completely imploded, having been based on a 35-page lie we now know as the Trump dossier, which, by the way, was paid for by Hitlery Clinton and the Democrat Party.

Yet, Mueller and his troop of flying monkeys persist, looking for something that we all know is not there.

Mueller has now indicted 13 Russian nationals who live in non-extradition-treaty Russia in the hopes of keeping his investigation alive. He knows the Russians will never be tried. He may as well indict Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. Total nothingburger and he knows it.

Mueller’s motive is twofold – to keep the investigation alive and by extension, implicate President Trump in whatever fake nefarious doings the Russians have been indicted for, hoping that it will result in more Democrat victories in the midterm election.

I believe he will have as much success at that as he has had putting President Trump in prison.

Why this charade is allowed to continue is a mystery. Sessions should have unrecused himself and ended it when Mueller’s own conflict of interest and those he hired had been discovered and certainly after it was revealed that Hitlery paid for the Trump dossier.

Every day that this continues more damage is being done to the Department of Justice and the FBI.

From The Hill

Fox News contributor Jeanine Pirro said Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller “is the person who should be investigated,” instead of President Trump.

Her comments follow a new list of indictments released by Mueller against Russians for meddling in the 2016 election.

Pirro, one of TV’s most vocal pro-Trump pundits, dismissed the “Russian so-called interference” in an appearance on host Sean Hannity’s program, and she and Hannity discussed accusations of political bias on the special counsel’s team.

“I look at Mueller’s team: Obama donors, Clinton donors, DNC donors. Nobody likes Trump,” Hannity said, adding that he wants to know the reason behind Mueller’s appointment of “Trump haters” to his team investigating the Russia case.

“Because Robert Mueller is not looking for an objective team. Robert Mueller is looking for people with an agenda against Donald Trump. Robert Mueller is the person who should be being investigated, given the fact that he was the head of the FBI when this attempt to find our uranium started in 2009,” she said.

Pirro said the sale of a Canadian uranium company with holdings in the U.S. to Russia under the watch of Mueller when he was director of the FBI was the “real crime.”

“He knew all about it, and yet he’s investigating Donald Trump? He should be the one who’s being investigated!” she said.

Mueller’s team has faced criticism by Republicans in Congress who say that the investigation was prompted from evidence of unverified allegations against Trump and is effectively an effort to undermine the presidency.

But the indictments released on Friday were celebrated by the White House as proof Trump’s campaign did not collude with Russia. The investigation into Russian meddling into the election and possible collusion between Moscow and campaign officials is ongoing.