When news of Robert Mueller filing his first charges in the Trump/Russia collusion fairy tale became public, my first response was that this maneuver by Mueller is to deflect attention away from the REAL Russian collusion story (treason) involving the Clintons and covered up by Mueller himself.

The swamp rats on the left and their accomplices are in very serious trouble right now and must find a way to deflect the heat. Thus, Mueller’s first filing of charges to create a parallel scandal.

It makes no difference to Mueller or his bosses on the left that the charges may be completely bogus, or at best, irrelevant. The purpose of the charges is not to seek justice. The purpose is to fire up the rabidly partisan mainstream media, i.e., the Democrat Communications Bureau, to create a scandal where there is none, to point the finger at the Trump administration in a “you too!” gesture.

I don’t think it is going to work, primarily because the American people are far more conscious of liberal scummery than they used to be. What provoked apathy a year ago now provokes public outrage. The Democrat Party and their soldiers, like Mueller and Comey, are now fully exposed as members of the criminally corrupt street gang we know as the beltway establishment.

President Trump and Jeff Sessions must put the hammer down now on these criminals. Sessions must unrecuse himself and fire Mueller immediately. Then, Mueller himself must be the subject of a DOJ investigation.

Information that is now public is sufficient, I believe, to convene a grand jury. So, there is no possible excuse for not conducting a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of this steaming pile of Clinton criminal corruption.

Sean Hannity, in his very own twitterstorm, agrees with my assessment.

Let the swamp draining commence!