As soon as the charges were filed by Robert Mueller on Friday, most pundits, including yours truly, saw Paul Manafort as the most likely target.

The charges against Manafort were are apparently for activity that occurred years before his association with the Trump presidential campaign, but that doesn’t matter.

That is the danger in appointing special prosecutors. They have no restrictions. They can do whatever they want, and Mueller is doing that.

In an investigationĀ that was supposed to be limited to Russian collusion during the Trump presidential campaign, Mueller is now going well outside that authority to snag Manafort on something else, apparently 12 charges of tax fraud against he and business partner Rick Gates.

In the meantime, what Mueller is really after is to squeeze Manafort, make him believe he is going up the river for the rest of his life unless he fingers President Trump on something. Anything!

The accusations need not even be true. Make something up if need be. Just pin something on the President to enrage and mobilize the complicit mainstream media, and voila! Mom and Pop America become incensed and impeachment proceedings begin.

Now that Mueller has a legal case pending, it will be much more difficult to fire him, but fire him Sessions must! And if Sessions refuses to fire Mueller, President Trump should fire Sessions by lunchtime today and appoint an Attorney General with the testicular fortitude to send Mueller packing and start going after the real Russian collusion by the Clintons.

This entire proceeding, since the appointment of Mueller, has been a nauseating thing to watch. It proves that you need not be guilty of anything in America to be destroyed. All that has to happen is to be opposed by corrupt criminals like the Clintons who can engineer a bogus case against you to put you in prison so that they can continue their criminal conduct undisturbed.

America has morphed into Venezuela.