Photo, above: Urban Radio Networks White House troll April Ryan, who is not called a troll for her disgusting behavior in the White House Press Room, but because she actually looks like she lives under a bridge and eats children

Although CNN’s Jim Acosta is the clear titleholder of the White House Press Corps rudest correspondent in history, American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan is doing all she can to unseat the defending champion.

Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders handle Ryan like a boss when the liberal weenie race-monger shouts out questions even though Sanders had called on someone else, and then get all pouty about not being indulged by Sanders, who ignores her and allows John (likely John Roberts from Fox News), who is waiting patiently, to ask a question.

You may recall it was Ryan who accused Sanders of lying about baking a chocolate pecan pie last Thanksgiving, then made a big deal about it and challenged Sanders to prove with photographs that she actually baked the pie and did not buy it. In a gracious response, Sanders baked the same pie and gave it to Ryan who, rather than show gratitude for the gesture and apologize for her tasteless accusation, suggested that the pie had probably been poisoned.