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Hilarious tweet from Alyssa Milano, offering Justice Ginsburg both of her kidneys. The replies are classic!

On just about everyone’s “Top Ten Hollywood Ho’s” list, Milano reportedly owns at least one organ that Ginsburg is not likely to accept, as it is far more worn out than her own.

Judge Kavanaugh refuses over $600,000 raised for him in a GoFundMe campaign. THIS is the innocent man the Democrats tried to frame as a gang rapist

Hawkins’ GoFundMe effort for Judge Kavanaugh raised over $600,000, every dime of which the judge has refused to accept so as not to raise an ethical concern. THIS is not unexpected behavior of the incredibly honorable man Senate Democrats attempted to destroy for political gain.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin may be America’s hero Saturday, breaking party lines to vote “yes” to advance Kavanaugh confirmation vote

Joe Manchin may be America’s hero Saturday morning. He broke party lines Friday morning in a Senate vote to advance Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote to the Senate floor, scheduled for Saturday. The vote went along party lines, with one defection for each party.

VIDEO: CNN’s Camerota tries desperately to get Rick Santorum to say Kavanaugh is a drunk. Instead, he calls her constant attack “bullsh!t”

Rick Santorum is a bible-toting, devout Catholic. So, I was a little shocked at his use of a word one typically associates with a foul substance that male cattle excrete through their exhaust ports.

Christine Ford’s criminal record was scrubbed the day after she reported her story to WaPo, making it appear to be a Democrat-engineered plot from the start

Christine Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that she reported her alleged assault by Brett Kavanaugh to the Washington Post tip line on July 6, 2018, the same day she also reported it to Democrat Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. On July 7, […]

Breaking Kavanaugh news: FBI will likely complete its investigation Tuesday, McConnell promises confirmation WILL be voted on this week

It was announced Monday morning that the FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh may be completed as early as Tuesday. It is believed that their investigation will be limited to confirmations from witnesses that their already-sworn statements are accurate and truthful.

Sex crimes prosecutor who questioned Ford has written a letter to the Senate completely exonerating Kavanaugh

Mitchell also made it clear in her letter to the Committee that because of the many discrepancies, the refutals by all four witnesses named by Ford, and the complete lack of evidence that no “reasonable (sane) prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee.”

VIDEO: Very confusing message coming from Mitch McConnell. Can you tell exactly what he means by this?

The Democrats will never give up. They will lie, they will cheat, they will steal to get what they want. The party’s history, from its beginning, bears that out. If the Republicans don’t take control of this circus, the Democrats will continue to control it and the result will be disastrous for the Kavanaughs, the Republicans, and the country.

Kavanaugh update: Game, set, match! He has the votes, will be confirmed Friday, 9:30 AM. Lindsey Graham goes off. President Trump chimes in

I have really grown to like Lindsey Graham lately. Gone is any hint of his McCain clique Rino days. He is now a MAGA-to-the-max patriot, and I love it! Watch Graham, in the video below, explode at the Senate Democrats responsible for their engineered plot to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

All of the inconsistencies and discrepancies in Ford’s story add up to one thing – SHE IS LYING HER ASS OFF!

I know the Republicans are all meek and timid and would never dare challenge anyone’s integrity, but for God’s sake, ladies and gentlemen, you are being lied to by a Trump-hating pussyhatter and Democrat operative whose story has more holes it than a screen door.

BOMBSHELL! The letter from Christine Ford to Dianne Feinstein is apparently as fake as Barack Hussein’s birth certificate

Dianne Feinstein could submit her grocery list to the Republicans and swear it is a letter from Vladimir Putin admitting that he and President Trump are homosexual lovers bent on destroying the world, and the Republicans would take her seriously.

Grassley has scheduled an “experienced sex crimes expert” to question Christine Ford on Thursday. Ford is terrified. Will she try to wiggle out? I think so

I see no way that Ford allows herself to be questioned under oath on Thursday and will likely be a no-show. Of course, the Democrat response to that will be that the Republicans are bullying Ford and will demand yet another investigation to drag the confirmation out as long as possible.

Kavanaugh’s young daughters have received multiple “serious death threats,” yet the MSM is still all about poor ‘victim’ Christine Ford

There are now multiple reports that “serious death threats” have been made targeting Brett Kavanaugh’s young daughters. Did anyone ever think the Democrats would stoop that low? Or the better question is did anyone ever doubt that they were capable of it?

Blatant seditious conspiracy by four Democrat members of Congress who are demanding the FBI disobey President Trump

These four swamp rats are openly committing seditious conspiracy by usurping the legitimate authority of the President of the United States.

ALL four witnesses Christine Ford has named now deny her story and deny that the party ever took place, declaring Ford is wrong, i.e., LYING!

What on Earth is it going to take to dismiss this cruel joke the Democrats are playing on Brett Kavanaugh and the American people? ALL four witnesses Christine Ford has named are now denying her story and insisting that no such party ever even took place.

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