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Valerie Jarrett is a slimy swamp rat. Feinstein still refusing to turn over letter. Kavanaugh eager to testify, Ford, not so much. McConnell discovers testosterone

I believe Mrs. McConnell has injected some much-needed testosterone into her Mitch, who has become surprisingly assertive of late, even combative, essentially suggesting Democrats to pound sand, that no matter their obstruction, Kavanaugh’s confirmation will happen and very soon.

Whoa! Turns out Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser is a leftist CA professor who donates to Democrats and liberal causes.

As it turns out, Christine Blasey is little more than a political hack, a leftist California professor who donates to Democrats and liberal causes. Yet, the Democrats in Congress are presenting her as a  poor, nonpartisan Me Too victim of male sexual abuse. 

VIDEO and pics: Three Texas docs see Kavanaugh protesters paid from a bag of cash and instructed to “yell, scream, and even possibly get arrested”

“And, they were actually told, we heard them say this and instruct them, ‘when you go in, we want you to yell, to scream, and even to possibly get arrested.’ So, that was some of the process that we saw happening.”

VIDEO: Democrat senators and paid protesters disrupt Kavanaugh hearing with shameful spectacle, trying to shut it down. It didn’t work

Of course, what they were really after was stalling Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the midterm elections when they could vote down confirmation, given that they retake the Senate majority, a prospect the hopes of which appear dimmer by the day.

Hilarious and desperate! Liberal weenies are offering to donate their organs to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to keep yet another conservative off the Supreme Court

I have a better idea and it is right up the liberal alley! Have the old hosebag stuffed and force the Republicans to prove that she is not alive (after all, she has looked that way for 50 years), then block their every attempt to prove that she is no longer with us.

AUDIO: Priceless recording of liberal weenies at DNC crying over Justice Kennedy retirement.

That low moan you are hearing outside is a great wailing and gnashing of teeth by liberal weenies from sea to shining sea in response to Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

Wow! Supreme Court ruled 7 to 2 in favor of baker in gay wedding cake case. Dishonest mainstream media claims it was a “narrow” victory

The ruling was NOT “narrow!” It was a 7-2 ruling in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips. But, NBC was not the only dishonest media outlet reporting a “narrow” victory for Mr. Phillips. 

Hilarious video! Justice Ginsburg calls Lindsey “Lightloafers” Graham a woman. The old bat is finally right about something!

Watch as she recalls the civility in the Senate when she was confirmed to the US Supreme Court and recognizes selected senators like “the women of the Senate – Senators Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham.”

Finally! Judge Gorsuch confirmed to the US Supreme Court

It took a while, but Judge Neil Gorsuch has finally be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, much to the dismay of liberal weenies everywhere, like Juan Williams in the video below. Be sure to have a barf bag ready.

As expected, Democrats voted to filibuster Gorsuch confirmation. McConnell will kill it with the “nuclear option,” finally confirming Judge Gorsuch

Finally! Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed to the US Supreme Court this week, ending months of partisan resistance by worthless Senate Democrats.

VIDEO: Slimy Al Franken accuses Judge Gorsuch of being a partisan political hack when he was in elementary school

Slimy Senator Al Franken is enjoying his minute in the sun, using it to do all he can to make Judge Neil Gorsuch look like a Republican political hack and therefore unfit to sit on the Supreme Court.

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