By Allan Erickson, Clash Daily

“Congress must stop President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. The most important reason — Iran can threaten the existence of the United States by making an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack using a single nuclear weapon.”– R. James Woolsey, former director of Central Intelligence

Try researching Muslim violence around the world.  It is an endless task.  Thanks to recent mass migrations of refugees, many of whom are terrorists, violence is erupting throughout Europe, Australia and elsewhere.  Here is one of the best comprehensive sources of information:  Islam: The Religion of Peace.

To Illustrate: do you know how many violent Jihadist attacks have been documented since 9/11?  Answer:  26,863.  If you run the numbers, that amounts to about five attacks per day!  (14 years x 365 days in a year=5,110 days.   26,863 attacks divided by 5,110 days=5.26 attacks/day.)

With this “deal”, Obama has helped Iran build The Bomb, providing the mullahs $150 billion to escalate terrorism worldwide and to militarize. Sober people realize this criminal Administration is in league with Jihad to destroy us.  It sounds far-fetched, a monumental fiction.  Yet, the evidence is overwhelmingly clear.  He funds Jihad. He abandoned the Iraqis allowing for the rise of ISIS, aided by his cowardly retreat from Syria, and so the Middle East is awash in blood, resulting now in massive migrations of refugees, especially to Europe.  Consequently, we are watching a foretaste of things to come in America as Obama schemes to bring hundreds of thousands of Jihadists, many disguised as refugees.

Logical conclusions: short of a drastic political turnaround in this country, we will eventually be overrun by a combination of Jihadists and other illegal immigrants, forced to fight for our lives and liberty on our own soil as in the 18th century, or, the Jihadists, with a well-placed nuclear detonation will destroy us in one second, sending survivors back to the 18th century.

A recent conversation with a friend with ties to U.S. Intelligence highlighted a reality we must face.  Obama has so weakened our defenses, and so strengthened our enemies, an EMP event is now within the range of possibility, even likely.  EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse.  (A recommended book on the subject:  One Second After, by William R. Forstchen.)

A high altitude EMP caused by a nuclear detonation could fry computer and electrical networks over a huge area, even the whole country.  Should this happen we would be immediately sent back to live in conditions commonplace in the 18th century.  The Iranians may already have an EMP device, but they can acquire one thanks to Obama’s accommodations.  Disguised in a cargo ship sailing in the Great Lakes Region, Iran could launch a nuclear EMP attack directly over the center of our country.  They have practiced deploying EMP.   They have four satellites positioned to assist in such an attack.

A successful EMP event would leave us defenseless.  In a short time we would be unable to transport food, medicine, gasoline or military material.   Within a year, most of our people would be dead.

Short of an EMP attack against Iran by Israel in the near-term, and short of radical political change in America within months, we may be faced with horrific devastation.  Meanwhile, county by county, Americans should prepare by coordinating with local law enforcement, forming militia, and stockpiling necessities.

It is also time to study the Book of Revelation, in earnest!