No one knows the positive impact President Trump is having not only on America, but also on the world, like a soldier, particularly a soldier who has not only risked his life in combat, but nearly lost it.

Watch this proud, retired combat veteran salute and thank President Trump on national television for pulling the US out of the steaming pile of Barack Hussein we know as the Iran nuclear deal.

Deal, my ass!

From BizPac Review

While members of the Obama administration — with a boost from their vast media allies — railed on President Donald Trump’s decision to withdrawal from the flawed, one-sided nuclear deal with Iran, an Army veteran who has real skin in the game physically saluted the president.

Retired Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett, who was seriously wounded in Iraq by a roadside bomb manufactured by Iran, personally thanked President Trump, saying the move made for a “great anniversary for me.”

“Thirteen years ago last Thursday we got blown up,” Bartlett said of the 2005 attack that killed his truck commander, Staff Sgt. William Brooks. “I was cut in half, from the left corner of my temple down to my jaw.”

Bartlett, an adviser to United Against Nuclear Iran, was critical of the nuclear deal with Iran that included the Obama administration flying pallets of cash being into the Persian Gulf country, which he said Iran used to spread “more terror.”

He said the money went “right to” their military, pointing to Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries that saw an increase in terrorism.

“Try to spend some money to buy [Iran] off so they don’t build a weapon doesn’t make sense,” Bartlett said. “It’s Chicago politics.”

And while the left is not likely to put much credence in what a wounded vet may think, some social media users appreciate Bartlett’s input.

Following is a variety of Twitter replies in response to SSG Bartlett’s salute to President Trump….