Iran is threatening, but not specifying, a “prompt response” if Barack Hussein signs a bill passed by Congress that extends sanctions otherwise due to expire on December 31, 2016.

Does anyone really believe Barack Hussein is going to sign any bill that will punish the world’s #1 sponsor of terror? If history is a judge, then no, Hussein will not sign any such bill extending sanctions on the world’s greatest menace.

While Iran has been threatening for the past eight years to annihilate Israel, America’s greatest ally in the region, as well as attack Europe and the US, Barack Hussein has ignored their promises and bent over backwards to accommodate the terrorist state, signing a one-sided nuclear deal that gave Iran billions of dollars of cash to further their nuclear program, and virtually stepped out of the way to allow them to produce weapons-grade plutonium.

Of course, Iran “promises” that their nuclear intentions are peaceful. And if you believe that, the Ayatollah has a gorgeous oceanfront parcel in Tehran he would like to sell you. Continuing to develop a long-range missile program, including ICBMs, capable of delivering nuclear warheads to Europe and the US, does not exactly paint the picture of “peaceful intentions.”

As reported by World Israel News, “Iran is threatening counter action if Obama signs a bill passed by Congress that extends sanctions on the Islamic Republic by another decade.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani demanded Sunday that US President Barack Obama not sign an extension of US sanctions, saying the bill is a violation of a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

On Thursday the US Senate voted to extend the Iran Sanctions Act by 10 years. Speaking in an open session of Iran’s parliament Sunday, Rouhani said Obama is “obliged” to let the sanctions expire.

The nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers lifted a variety of international sanctionsin exchange for limitations on the Iranian nuclear program. However, the US maintains its own separate set of sanctions, which will expire on December 31 if Obama does not sign the extension into law.

Rouhani promised a ‘prompt response’ from Iran if the US sanctions are extended.

‘We are committed to an acceptable implementation of the deal, but in response to non-commitment, violation or hesitation in its implementation, we will act promptly,’ he said.”